4 best ways to use Salesforce Marketing Cloud for ABM in 2023

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As always, Salesforce has brought in an innovative solution called Marketing Cloud Account Engagement or Pardot, for marketers to retain and understand their top accounts, improve pipeline quality, and multiply their revenue. Marketers can use the Salesforce Pardot to do Account-based marketing and gain these three R's- Relationships, Reputation, and Revenue. So, beyond revenue, relationships, and reputation can help businesses build trust and loyal customers. This blog takes you through the concept of Account-based marketing as well as the best possible ways to use Salesforce Pardot to take complete advantage of the Salesforce platform to revolutionize sales and marketing processes.

What is Account-based marketing?

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a broader marketing strategy exclusive for B2B marketers to focus on their high-value accounts. Each account represents a market or group of people to offer highly personalized services using tailored content formats to create one-on-one interactions. As per the Aberdeen Group report, ABM can speed up its three-year revenue by 24% with 27% profit growth. So, if you're looking for a solution to align your sales and marketing teams besides personalizing the engagement, then ABM strategy is for you!

Here's how an Account-based Marketing Strategy can help your business:

  • Multiply marketing ROI
  • Enhance lead generation rate
  • More win rates
  • Maximize the average value of annual contracts
  • Gain more revenues
  • The best tool we must use to execute your ABM strategy is Salesforce Pardot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement. 

    Why is Salesforce Pardot the best tool to execute your Market strategy 2023 around the ABM concept? 

    Because Salesforce Pardot is a product of Salesforce Marketing Cloud built with the incorporated features of Einstein AI and on the integration of Salesforce Pardot, you can get a 360-degree view of your customers along with an overview of your Sales and marketing cloud insights on a single dashboard. With the power of Einstein AI and marketing automation, Salesforce Pardot can successfully execute your ABM strategy to build great brand visibility and customer relationships by delivering highly personalized and deeply connected customer experiences. 

    Now, let's dive deeper into the four best ways to use Salesforce Pardot for Account-based marketing to get full advantage of the Salesforce Platform-

    1. Gain more customers:

    Invest your time and efforts to know who your customers are. Use the existing data like account details, social media engagement behaviors, past purchases, and lead record data to understand your customer choices, purchase patterns, preferences, and the most engaged mediums. Build a look-alike campaign using ABM strategy to gain new customers. Use Salesforce Pardot's predictive lead scoring to find and qualify your leads and apply deduplication rules to connect qualified leads and contacts under an account. Develop a strategy to reach look-alike accounts to gain a new audience and add to an account. And then engage the qualified leads under an account by executing your ABM strategy via personalized messaging at the right time on their preferred medium. 

    1. Categorize the high-quality leads:

    Salesforce Pardot enables you to identify accounts and leads like your ideal customer profiles, then create custom fields to combine and capture specific data points relevant to your industry. Additionally, you can identify the patterns in your data and gain insights that can help you know the customer needs and preferences using the power of Salesforce Einstein. Thus, you can pay more attention to leads under the 'nurture’ and 'Sales ready' states to gain more conversions by assigning the right rep to the lead at the right time. 

    1. Segment and target:

    To segment leads, use data like their info, online behaviors, purchase histories, job titles, place, preferences, likes, and dislikes. Create dynamic segments using Pardot's dynamic lists to automatically update the modifications in data. Moreover, the advanced analytics and reporting features of Pardot can help you gain deeper insights related to customer behaviors and preferences. With Salesforce Pardot integration, your teams can access more relevant info and insights. Thus, they can sell faster and smarter using account-centric insights and real-time notifications on customer activities to reach them to fulfill their needs at the right time via personalized and relevant messages.

    1. Hyper-personalized targeting:

    With customer activity updates, the sales teams stay informed about the top opportunities. Additionally, the Sales teams can use Salesforce Engage to send personal messages to their top accounts or customers. They can also use Pardot's personalization tokens to insert dynamic content into emails, messages, and landing pages. Also, the advanced automation features on Pardot enables your teams to send personalized messages based on customer actions and online behaviors. You can also set up an automated Engagement Studio Program to connect and nurture several leads from specific accounts with various content formats and messages that drag their attention, aligning with their personal interests and stage in a buyer journey, thereby driving sales.  

    Salesforce Pardot on Marketing Cloud can aid B2B marketers and sales teams to execute an account-based marketing strategy to focus on key accounts, thereby eliminating wastage of resources, speeding up the sales cycle, and deepening customer relationships. Businesses can boost revenue, build relationships, and gain reputation.

    Dextara offers customized Salesforce Marketing Cloud Solutions as a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner. Our delighted clients from diversified business verticals have transformed their Marketing and Sales process with our Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation services. If you want to know more about our services related to Salesforce Pardot or talk to our Salesforce consultants, connect with our team at sales@dextara.com  



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