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Dextara Bulk User App

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Dextara Bulk User App provides an easy mechanism to manage users in the org. It helps Salesforce administrators onboard and manage multiple users with a single interface thereby improving the productivity of the administrator.

Dextara Bulk User App allows every Salesforce admin to

Inline Editing to update users (Single/Multiple Users)

Create Users (Single/Multiple through CSV file)

Reset Password (Single/Multiple Users)

Activate/Deactivate Users (Single/Multiple Users)


Filters for searching based on User fields/profile names etc.


Data Table configuration per Admin.

Unlock the power of Dextara Bulk User App


What is Dextara Bulk User App?
It allows the Salesforce administrators to manage multiple users in a single screen with single click
What Type of Salesforce Instance Do I Need?
Salesforce Essentials, Professional, Enterprise. Technically, any licenses where there is Salesforce User Management Module.
How Does It Work?
This is a managed package which must be deployed in the Salesforce Org. Please reach out to us for any further guidance.
Can I Use Dextara Bulk User App on Mobile?