Dextara CPQ is 100% Salesforce Native Platform. A high performance CPQ engine built by leveraging Salesforce Lightning Web Components. Dextara CPQ drives profitable sales with efficient pricing and accurate quoting.

Dextara CPQ has intelligence built into every step of the product configuration and sales journey to achieve greater business outcomes with minimal effort.

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Why Dextara CPQ?

Dextara CPQ is a comprehensive Software platform that is designed to be highly performant even with complex products and pricing. Dextara CPQ is unique in its design to support Attribute based Product Model with robust Rules Engine to support and Configure complex product and price rules while delivering lightning speed experience during the sales process.

The subscription savvy intelligent Dextara CPQ solutions can also be deployed in headless mode to support B2B and B2C digital commerce business models.

Product Configuration

Empower your product management team with the required tools to do complex product configuration. Dextara CPQ supports various product models such as Linear Products, Hierarchical Product, Bundled Products and Dynamic Bundles.

  • Avoid SKU proliferation by modeling the products with attributes
  • Define rules at product level to control the attribute selection
  • Override price based on the attribute selection
  • Bundle products dynamically with bundle rules.
  • Override the bundle price on the selection of optional products
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Rule Engine

Dextara CPQ software is equipped with a comprehensive and powerful rule engine. To ensure optimal performance at Enterprise level, a rule engine is designed to execute at client side for certain functions and on the server side for other functions. The rule engine infrastructure is thoroughly designed to support complex product configure price quote flexibility without compromising on the performance of the cart. Rule types supported are

  • Qualification Rules: Determines the products that are eligible for certain type of accounts or customer
  • Product Rules: Determines the compatible products and can also be used for product recommendations
  • Attribute Rules: Determines the attribute values based on certain conditions that are provided. In short attribute compatibility for the product
  • Pricing Rules: Determines the price overrides based on quote conditions or product conditions
  • Bundle Rules: Determines the dependent and mutually exclusive products within the bundle

Subscription Selling

Dextara CPQ Solutions supports full subscription selling lifecycle right from consulting to implementation. There are lot of nuances that come in Subscription selling such as integration of disjoined data sources handling different price methods, subscription term, renewals, and amendments which are supported out of the box by Dextara CPQ software.

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Configure Price Quote

Smart CPQ

Dextara CPQ has inbuilt smartness to support price recommendations during the quoting process so that the Sales team can optimize the price. The product also offers recommendations for optimal discounting and products that are purchased together to increase cross-sell and up-sell of products.

Summary - A total CPQ package

Other than the features described above, Dextara CPQ has features such as advanced product catalog management, multi-currency support, ability to generate branded quote documents and whole host of other features. Click here to know more

Aberdeen Group compared companies that have used a CPQ solution to those that haven't.


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How Dextara will help you implement CPQ ?

Price is based on the number of users and the scope of implementation.After CPQ consultation, Dextara CPQ Integration and implementation takes two weeks time

On an average Dextara CPQ can be implemented in 2 weeks. Sometimes the implementation time can extend based on the customer integration and customization needs.

During implementation, Dextara Professional Services team will assist in smooth implementation. For the post-implementation support, customers can subscribe to one of our support models based on the requirement.

Dextara provides 24/7 customer support. Our support team can be reached at

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