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Manage contacts and sales activities on Sales Cloud. Increase win rates by 43%, boost rep productivity by 44%, and drive revenue growth by 37%

Automate end-to-end sales processes with Salesforce Sales cloud service and boost revenue!

Sell More, Better, Faster with Salesforce Sales Cloud

We help businesses to automate their systems for cultivating and enforcing consistent sales execution. We empower your sales team to sell more effectively with the world’s #1 CRM solution, Salesforce Sales Cloud. Equipping your sales team with Salesforce Sales Cloud is a great step toward securing the efficiency you need to compete. Salesforce gives your sales reps a more complete view of your prospects, opportunities, and customers. The Salesforce platform has proven itself as THE solution that helps sales teams sell more in less time.

  • Generate more leads, increase revenue, and win more deals with increased productivity.
  • Enable your sales team with accurate data and automated sales processes.
  • Strengthen prospect and customer relationships with a personalized sales experience.
  • Track and measure performance in real time with customizable reports and dashboards.

Salesforce Sales Cloud implementation can add immense value if it fills your business needs. Dextara’s Salesforce Sales Cloud consulting and implementations are customized to help your company get the most from your investment. We help companies like yours harness the full growth potential that the Salesforce platform provides.

Gartner defines Salesforce Automation (SFA) as systems that support automating sales activities, processes, and administrative responsibilities for organizations’ sales professionals. Gartner considers Salesforce Automation as a foundational technology built to automate the core sales processes of an organization.

Here's how Sales Cloud Process works

salesforce cloud service

Identify : Businesses can identify potential leads and turn them into prospects with scalable, flexible AI-powered Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM and give a great customer experience with 360 views.

Connect : Businesses can connect with the customers and follow the suggested actions to retain and gain customers across multiple devices from anywhere at any time.

Understand : Businesses can better understand customers and valuable insights to make effective decisions on doing Salesforce sales cloud automation.

Sell : Businesses can Sell exactly for their customer’s needs by customizing the offerings based on their past interactions, identifying buyer patterns, likes and dislikes, and preferences.

What you can expect from a Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation

Manage sales leads effectively and efficiently from the moment they enter the system until they become customers. Sales reps know the lead source, view them in real-time, score them based on their interactions, and easily determine those that are the highest priority.
Know your customers and where they are in the buying cycle. With a 360-degree view of each account and contact — complete with activity history, customer communications, and internal comments all in one location — sales reps can provide personalized service to each customer.
Your entire sales process will be more direct and purpose-driven with streamlined and automated daily tasks, including activity tracking, email, alerts, and workflows. Sales reps get more done, faster, and can focus on the right accounts at the right time.
Work anywhere, on any device with Salesforce Sales Cloud mobile app that allows your sales reps to access, manage, and update your CRM data on the go. Collaborate with the rest of the team and get a real-time view of sales performance reports and dashboards, all conveniently within the app.

Uplift your sales and increase your annual revenue

Salesforce sales cloud can boost sales effectiveness with guided selling, PRM, CPQ, and unique predictive forecasting intelligence-powered by Sales Cloud Einstein.

The highly scalable and flexible CRM system can ease the complex Sales processes and help sales reps close countless deals in less time with zero errors.

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Why us for sales cloud consulting and implementation?

  • Custom-made Migration Methodologies
  • Well-Demonstrated Frameworks
  • Well-planned Implementation Strategies
  • 24×7 Support
  • Cross-Industry Experience and much more..

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Check out how Salesforce Sales Cloud added value to our clients

Check out how Salesforce Sales Cloud added value to our clients