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Top 10 Most Promising CPQ Software Trends in 2023

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Businesses are aware of CPQ software’s capabilities in transforming sales processes while making businesses operations more resilient and profitable. Hence, the CPQ software market has gained momentum in recent years more than before. A recent report says that global CPQ software market will reach USD 7.3 billion by 2030 from USD 2.2 billion (as of […]

Top 6 mistakes to avoid during the Salesforce CPQ Solution implementation


The implementation of new software applications by modern businesses always involves several roadblocks at some point in time with the ever-changing scenarios as a part of digitalization. Even a well-planned and executed Salesforce CPQ Project can have several pitfalls. Though, Salesforce CPQ as a platform can provide the most rewarding experience, it can also support […]

How the IT department is Essential in Revenue Generation using CPQ Software

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Ever-changing technological advancements, management styles, and enterprise needs brought a greater reliance on the IT department than ever before. A few years ago, the IT department was formed to handle recorded data & info. Today, the IT department is critical for enterprises of diversified verticals and responsible for involving People, Processes, Data, Tools, and Technology […]

Accelerate your Lead-to-Cash process with CPQ


Each organization has a unique Lead-to-Cash process based on its business model, sales channels, and the types of products/services it offers. Implementing L2C processes consumes time and cost. Any technical issue or integration failures during the implementation will make the Lead-to-Cash process inefficient and slows down configure, price and quote process. Lead-to-cash process refers to […]

How CPQ can solve top 3 critical selling challenges

How CPQ can solve top 3 critical selling challenges

As per the latest stats, analysts estimate that Global CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software market is expected to reach US$3.9 Billion by 2026. But, to accomplish this phenomenal growth, let’s first understand what sales challenges you have and how CPQ software can solve them. Challenges in sales enablement and the organization’s selling process negatively impact […]