Deliver the best Customer Experience in 2022 with the Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

With increasing customer demand, we have no other choice than to deliver an excellent Customer Xperience (CX).Over 91 percent of the customers say that a positive customer experience can make them feel the urge to make another purchase again. Besides, over 70 percent mention that they make the purchase based on the quality of the Customer service.

Now let's see what happens when Salesforce Service Cloud is implemented.

In a survey, the companies stated that their customer satisfaction levels raised to 35 percent, and their customer service teams' productivity increased by 34 percent on using Salesforce Service Cloud.

These records indicate overall business progress in customer retention, experience, satisfaction, and productivity of service teams. With the latest Spring'22 Release, the enhancements in the Salesforce Service Cloud features gave a lot more scope for growth than before.

Let's dive deep into these excellent features here-

Omni-channel dynamic Routing:   

You can use Omni-channel Flows to dynamically route customer messages and calls to either bot or any agent as per their preference. Omni Supervisor enhancements can help your teams route efficiently and monitor offline agents within the Agents tab. Supervisors can focus on the proper queues and skills under Queues Backlog, Skills Backlog, and Assigned Work tabs. 

Improvised Voice Channel:  

The latest Spring'22 release has enhanced the voice channel to support supervisors, agents, contact center, admins. Using the enhanced Service Cloud features in Voice Channel, the contact center supervisors can listen to ongoing calls using Service Cloud Voice and access Amazon Connect metrics in real-time.  

AI-powered Einstein for Service: 

The redesigned Einstein Bot Builder is user-friendly, and the extended bot availability eases the retraining and opens many bot connections using the API platform. Now you can use new bot templates and Einstein Bots API platform or user-friendly conversation canvas to build customized, fully functional bots. You can include ten fields in the Article Recommendations model besides calculating the segment count records for an easy Case Classification process. 

Instant Incident Management: 

Your teams can instantly resolve triage incidents using SLA management tools and Omni-channel support using Incident Management features. These enhancements can help your teams eliminate critical complications and employ Incident Management page layouts with SLA management tools. You can access the assets and related list to assess each incident's impact also use work steps and work plans to resolve incidents immediately. It is wise to involve the right people when such incidents occur in Omni-channel. 

Workforce Engagement:

With new enhancements in the Workforce Engagement toolbox, you can fulfill staffing needs, make the scheduling decisions also access long-term forecasts, historical adherence metrics, and long-term capacity plans to analyze teams' productivity and past schedules. The planners become more productive as they can assign, update team shifts in bulk, locate changes with colors, and avail configuration tools in a single place. The localized language supports all the admins and users in Workforce Engagements in your Customer Support center.

Knowledge sharing:  

Now your teams can share the knowledge article links with others that point to the article's updated version. The users can zoom in on the images or open full-size images to get detailed info. 

Additional enhancements:

You can use Shield Platform Protection to encrypt customers' PII (Personally Identifiable Information) under Social Persona and Post Objects Fields.

Now the new outbound emails do not have the reference ID. You can directly match the email headers with the individual cases. This feature became available from Winter'21.

In Spring'23 Release, we will get an enhancement to configure No-reply default address under Organization-wide set up as System address to get case notification emails. 

Salesforce Service Cloud can assist you in engaging your customers across multiple channels with a personalized Customer Xperience (CX), including providing better assistance and being responsive 24*7 by leveraging AI-Powered chatbots.

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