Know What New Features Salesforce Spring'22 Release Has For All The Clouds

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Salesforce Spring ‘22 release is full of announcements and enhancements. In our previous blog, we shared the key dates of release, and now excited to share that release notes are already out now, and we are days away from Spring ‘22 release.

In this article, you will find more on much-needed and upgraded features in Spring ‘22 release by Salesforce for major clouds.

Let’s dive deeper to know the upgraded features Salesforce brought to improve businesses process and operations.

Salesforce Commerce cloud

There are some great enhancements in:

  1. Salesforce B2B, B2B2C Commerce: You get an ability
    • ● To add new single products with a consolidated, add process.
    • ● To use CSV files to bulk import images for products and promote products with new functionality.
    • ● To use upgraded Results Layout Component, sort and manage the output of searchable values (for B2C stores)
  2. Commerce Einstein: You can improve customer experience by automating personalization related processes with the power of AI
  3. Salesforce Order Management: You can use Omnichannel Inventory for order management with a robust flow besides keeping customers happy even if they exchange.


On using the upgraded version of Revenue Operations Dashboards, you can customize data with clicks without the need for coding. You can also use customizations in dashboards with Lightning Web Components. Ask Data for Salesforce beta can suggest you while searching for data.

With new features for Reports and Dashboards, You can

  • Choose report type to create a new report, view recently used (to include fields & objects), unused report types. You can also keep multiple rows of data up to date besides editing fields on the reports run page, saving the fields with one click.
  • You can also create dynamic gauge tracks, track business performance with the updated dashboard.
  • On Tableau CRM, you can reuse and customize the visualizations on the dashboard with LWC and get helpful answers for your data questions with Ask Data for Salesforce (beta). You can push data from Tableau CRM to Microsoft Azure Data Lake while using Data Prep Recipe to prepare, cleanse and transform the existing data.  

    Salesforce Sales Cloud

    You can use Revenue intelligence for collaborative forecasts, analytics, performance dashboards, and intuitive pipeline visualizations to generate more revenue besides maintaining forecast accuracy, tracking pipeline changes, increasing sales pipelines, and achieving sales targets easily.  

    Salesforce Service Cloud

    You, admins, agents, supervisors can now use voice channels to communicate besides giving 1 to 10 article recommendations, open full images, and zoom using Einstein for Service cloud.


    You can customize and use enhanced landing pages, lightening templates (for Salesforce Engage), automate the email process, data metrics related to email engagements, and much more with enhanced features in Spring ‘22 release.

    Other enhanced features:

    → Multifactor authentication from February 22nd, 2022

    → In-app guidance, feedback forms, image insertions, by linking URLs in learning paths

    → Replacement of Salesforce Checkout with Your Account app

    → Availability of Your Account app in Lightning Experience and Salesforce classic

    → Schedule appointment booking based on service resource availability

    → More efficient and intelligent AI-powered Einstein Search with improved searchability resulting in relevant results with more user engagement

    → Do event-based scheduling to manage recipe runs.

    → Use data sets among Tableau CRM and Data Pipelines.

    These are the enhancements in Salesforce clouds as per release notes. We will share more info about the Spring’22 release in our upcoming blogs. Our experts at Dextara can help you with the implementation and consulting besides using the enhanced features of every release to support your business fully.


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