Salesforce Sales Cloud : How it enables greater outcomes from your Sales Funnel

Salesforce Sales Cloud

AI-powered CRM provides an advanced data-driven buying experience with each stage of the marketing & sales funnel. We can follow the customer journey from brand discovery to the first purchase of products or services.

Earlier, outbound calling was the predominant method to win new business. At times, it was very difficult to predict the outcome of the sales funnel as it was like shooting in the dark.

Now, the entire Sales & Marketing methodology has changed and strengthened customer loyalty to deliver consistent sales and business growth over time.

This blog addresses the fundamentals of the Sales & Marketing funnel, its importance, and how Salesforce Sales Cloud can change it by illustrating the buyer journey.

The funnel stages visually depict the customer journey from a visitor at the top of the funnel to the customer at the bottom.

78% of buyers seek help from the sales teams and consider them a trusted advisor

Funnel enables your team to track and interact with the leads, prospects, and customers based on which stage they are in their buying journey.

Tracking the funnel can help your sales and marketing team to nurture the leads, understand their pain points, and offer personalized products or services with appropriate messaging at the right time to close the deal.

How are the Sales funnel changing with Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Businesses are shifting towards digital environments with customer-first marketing and selling to achieve higher conversion and in reduced time.

However, why Salesforce Sales Cloud? 

Because the shift to Salesforce Sales Cloud can help the businesses with its outstanding features to:

  • Manage Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities,
  • Use CRM system, Pipeline, and Sales forecasting tools,
  • Make decisions based on analytics, 
  • Get a single view of customer data, 
  • Automate the workflow alerts for specific deals,
  • Use data insights of CRM data for tracking and connecting with customers virtually to gain more conversions and leads in less time. 
  • Salesforce offers everything to fulfill varied business needs.

  • As per the Salesforce revenue report of FY22, Salesforce generated a total of $26.49 Billion US dollars, out of which Sales cloud services have generated the most of Salesforce’s revenue.  Businesses are leveraging the Sales cloud because of the benefits it will deliver such as:

    Access and accomplish the Sales activities from a personal device: You can track the customers, sales activities of your sales teams, call logs, sales charts, dashboards remotely. 

    Make more informed decisions with real-time sales forecasting: You can collaborate with your teams and others to forecast or view the sales forecast in multi-currency of respective markets to make decisions accordingly.

    Gain the leads: You can boost conversions by monitoring the campaigns and tracking the leads using the Sales Cloud Lead management feature.

    AI-driven Sales Cloud Einstein to multiply revenue: With the integration of the CRM system and Sales Cloud Einstein, your teams can identify, connect, and understand your leads with lead scoring & pipeline management besides retaining customers. 

    The Sales cloud features and benefits can let business owners gain the most desirable revenues and improve customer satisfaction and sales teams' productivity to the next level.

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