Einstein Analytics was launched to empower millions of businesses with the insights they need to make every customer interaction smarter, without, having to build mathematical models, write algorithms, or depend on traditional consultants for help. A few years ago, Salesforce themselves made it available to their employees across globe. This included rolling out individual apps and dashboards for marketing, sales, finance, service, real estate, and many, many others. It's been a learning experience for them, and they are continually improving and refining the process. For Salesforce, the results have been pretty spectacular, as they have experienced consistent user growth year over year. They have also experienced a big boost in employee productivity, improved IT deployment cycles, and a much-welcomed reduction in Excel, Docs and PowerPoints.

Einstein Analytics can help Decision Makers of any business see the following:
  1. How company performance compares to expectations?
  2. What are the most important competitive threats and opportunities?
  3. What new risks they should prepare for?
  4. Where more resources should be allocated?

Intelligent Predictions in the C-Suite: AI-powered Einstein Guidance can show leaders how much annual contract value (ACV) they can expect from each business unit and segment, so they can conduct better sales planning, identify possible gaps, and allocate resources where they're most needed.

Complete Visibility into Top Deals: With the help of an Einstein Analytics Dashboard, Decision makers can view top deals by account, stage, deal size, and geographical region. With the Dashboard, leaders also get an "Opportunity Trend" view showing how pipeline has changed from the beginning of the quarter to today.

The Entire Competitive Landscape in One View: Your Competitive Intelligence team needs quick access to accurate insights in order to spot competitive trends, threats, and opportunities. Before Einstein Analytics, companies had to run separate reports for every product and every competitor, then aggregate the data in Excel. Post Einstein Analytics implementation, they will be able to instantly see a broad view of the competitive landscape and easily drill into specific products, competitors, or regions to track win rates, see why deals were won or lost, and take advantage of opportunities.

At Dextara, implementation of Einstein Analytics is a frequent happening starting from Funded start ups to rapidly growing mid size firms with new business models to Fortune 500 firms. For a Telecom giant, a fortune 500, we have implemented APM and Analytics to help their C-level team get a single view dashboard across functions for making right decisions.

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