How can Salesforce Managed Services add value to your business?

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With evolving technological advancements and growing competition, businesses constantly leverage new automation tools and technologies to streamline operations, meet customer needs, boost sales, and grow business. At times it becomes cumbersome for businesses to optimize the core operations and maintenance; that's when businesses approach Managed IT Services Providers to support and maintain the processes. As per estimates, the global managed services market will grow from USD 299.01 billion in 2023 to USD 731.08 billion by 2030, with Financial Services, IT & Telecom industries having a major share. Among Managed IT Services, Salesforce Managed Services are in the limelight due to the Salesforce platform's capabilities, adaptability, and scalability as per ever-changing business requirements. In this blog, let's understand more about Salesforce Managed Services and how to choose a Salesforce Managed Service Provider.

Why do you need Salesforce Managed Service?

Hiring a team of qualified Salesforce specialists to optimize the Salesforce platform daily is referred to as Salesforce Managed Service Provider (MSP). Instead of having one or two Salesforce admins among the in-house team to monitor the Salesforce platform, outsourcing a certified Salesforce Managed Service Provider can save your teams' costs, efforts, and time besides making them use the Salesforce platform efficiently with the guidance and expertise of MSPs. Additionally, to keep your Salesforce org UpToDate with the Salesforce releases that happen thrice a year and to do constant system health checks, upgrades, and other Salesforce tasks/issues; you need experts to manage your multi-cloud Salesforce org to get all possible advantages of the Salesforce platform.

What do Salesforce Managed Services include?

Salesforce consultation and roadmap to success

Your Salesforce Managed Service Provider needs to understand your business needs and carefully evaluate your IT systems integrated with Salesforce or plan a strategy and devise a roadmap to involve their Salesforce specialists to help you overcome deployment challenges and simplify migration, maintenance and support. Thus, using a well-planned strategy and roadmap, MSP works with your teams to improve your business and Salesforce platform productivity.

Seamless Salesforce implementation and secure system integration

Salesforce is a highly customizable platform; relying on a Salesforce Managed Service Provider can enable you to achieve your goals as they hold expertise in doing necessary customizations according to your business needs by practically following the devised roadmap and strategy. Also, you can cut costs and resources as MSPs have a team to handle uninterrupted workflows with their agility in risk management.

With seamless Salesforce implementation and Salesforce integration with third-party apps, tools and technologies, MSPs can enable your teams to use the Salesforce platform effectively, productively, and collaboratively with ease.

Regular upgradation and secure migration

Salesforce Managed Service Providers can improve your Salesforce org by installing custom add-ons, updating packages, and doing health checks. Now, we've Salesforce Summer'23 Release notes available, so before we upgrade the sandboxes, doing the Salesforce health check is wise. If you've got an MSP, they will do the Salesforce Health Checks before they upgrade your Salesforce org to add new functionalities mentioned in the Summer'23 Release notes. Furthermore, MSPs stay cautious during Salesforce migration while securely moving the legacy data among the Salesforce instances or legacy data to Salesforce. Therefore, you can rely on your MSP and stay stress-free about maintaining data security, data authenticity, data integrity, data model, data cleansing, and other variables while migrating data.

Boost collaboration and business performance

Salesforce Managed Services Provider offer training and knowledge-sharing programs to support your in-house teams to do better business administration and use the full potential of the Salesforce platform. Besides optimizing workflows, MSPs evaluate your Salesforce org constantly, gain insights from metrics on business performance across all the departments, and discuss risks, Salesforce releases, System upgrades, or other issues prior with your teams.

How to choose Salesforce Managed Service Provider?

Choose a Salesforce Managed Service Provider who 

  • Possess solid deep-functional and technical expertise and a good success track record
  • Offer 24X7 Salesforce support and diversified Salesforce services to stay assured on Salesforce instance upgradations in compliance with high-level security standards
  • Gives clarity on Salesforce products and services pricing during the initial consultation
  • Consult the right Salesforce Managed Service Provider to keep your Salesforce org up and running securely, besides enabling you to focus on core business tasks. If you want a transparent, flexible and highly collaborative Salesforce Managed Service Provider, choose us!

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