Top 5 concerns to conduct Salesforce Health Check

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You already use the world's best CRM, Salesforce, to revolutionize your business operations. That's great! However, when did you do the last Salesforce Health Check?

Salesforce health check or org health check is a dashboard on your Salesforce platform that lets you see how secure your Salesforce platform is as per the Salesforce recommended security standards. Thus, Salesforce health check and analysis keep your business processes up and running on the Salesforce platform. 

Why should you conduct Salesforce Health Check?

On a regular assessment of the Salesforce instance, you can check if any vulnerabilities need to be addressed to stay assured of the System's performance and gain complete advantage of the Salesforce platform. 

A comprehensive Salesforce health check and analysis will assess issues from admin and executive perspectives. From the admin's perspective, the focus will be mainly on routine maintenance of the org, such as cleaning out unused fields on heavily used custom objects and addressing specific security needs, such as ensuring that IP ranges are locked down for all users. From the executive team's perspective, they focus on the org's overall spending and license usage.

The goal of a Salesforce health check is to get an overview of your Salesforce org's security and address the underlying issues by focusing on areas to improve overall Salesforce security.  

When should you do Salesforce Health Check?

Run a health check and analysis on Salesforce, when you have these concerns.

Before or after getting the new Salesforce release updates:

Salesforce releases happen thrice a year; typically, you should do a Salesforce Health check after adopting new features of a Salesforce release. Optimizing your Salesforce org can resolve the performance issues besides upgrading your Salesforce platform as per the evolving business needs. With regular checks, you can overcome common challenges, such as adopting or adjusting to new features after a Salesforce release, optimizing an org as it grows also if it needs any changes, besides resolving issues like exceeding storage limits, slowing down performance, or not leveraging resources, and conforming to evolving business requirements.

Data flow and accessibility issues across the organization 

With Salesforce health check services by your Salesforce implementation and support services partner, you can identify gaps and inefficiencies in your Salesforce org and intervene to eliminate any present or arising issues or bottlenecks. Additionally, you can stay assured of your data flow that is manageable and efficient across your organization. Every Salesforce release adds new features and services, and this Summer'23 Salesforce release will also bring key improvements to your workflow. So, carefully re-evaluate your org to ensure you leverage the latest functionality available according to the Summer'23 release notes.

Unprotected processes need Security health checks

Besides safeguarding business data from unauthorized access and inappropriate usage, Salesforce provides several security features to ensure that org users can do their job safely and efficiently. However, with the addition of new users & new custom objects, there comes the necessity for more security requirements for better business management. That's the reason why Salesforce has introduced the Security Health Check tool to detect and fix potential vulnerabilities in the security settings of Salesforce org. The Salesforce implementation experts can leverage tools for automating Salesforce Health Check to minimize security issues and safeguard sensitive data. 

Low User Adoption

For using the full potential of the Salesforce platform and multiplying ROI, user adoption is critical. Thus, it is important to do Salesforce implementation perfectly to automate business processes efficiently. Get a Salesforce Managed Services Partner to help your teams with training and guidance to use the Salesforce platform effectively, also to resolve any barriers for better user adoption by providing necessary assistance and recommendations. 

Less Operational Efficiency

A Salesforce health check is a must if your users have the least operational efficiency on the Salesforce platform. So, it is critical to see any limitations or bottlenecks in the Salesforce org and check if the latest Salesforce release has any updates and new features to improve the Salesforce platform. Improve your workflow with Salesforce's new features and update the Salesforce org after every release. Consult a Salesforce Implementation specialist for complete Salesforce support services or Managed Services to resolve gaps within your business systems and processes.

Salesforce keeps bringing new features with its never-ending innovation to this ever-changing world. So, adding new features and maximizing the Salesforce org's efficiency is wise to get the expected results and ROI on your Salesforce investment. Moreover, you can avert potential risks with continuous maintenance and optimization. Our Salesforce consultants can guide you if you want a highly personalized Salesforce Health check and analysis. Connect with our Salesforce Support Services Specialist at for more information.


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