Dextara is now a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) Partner!

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Dextara is officially recognized as a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner now!

It is indeed an exceptional milestone for us. Salesforce recognizing us as a PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner exemplifies their confidence and trust in Dextara for developing innovative products for modern businesses and validating our team's expertise, dedication, and proficiency in leveraging Salesforce technologies for clients globally.

We've started our journey as a Salesforce Consulting Partner. We achieved Salesforce Summit Partnership (Platinum) status within four years based on client satisfaction and high-quality project deliveries. Now, getting recognized as Salesforce PDO further emphasizes the value add we continue to bring to the clients that are associated with us.

At Dextara, innovation is absolutely at the core of our ethos. Apart from helping our clients build world-class products and get those listed on AppExchange, Dextara also built Salesforce native and next-generation products like Dextara CPQ and DXHealth+ and published them on AppExchange.

Further, attaining the PDO partnership status for Salesforce seamlessly complements our ongoing commercial product development activities for our global clients. Also, it opens many opportunities for us to collaborate more closely with Salesforce, access exclusive resources, and participate in joint go-to-market initiatives. 

Dextara Digital’s CEO, Sreekanth Lapala, says, "We're super happy to become a Product Development Outsourcer for Salesforce. Product development is very different skillset and developing a product on Salesforce platform, going through the security audit process, and getting the product listed on AppExchange requires deep knowledge and unique expertise. We are glad to have developed that skillset in Dextara and — all thanks to our Clients for trusting us, and Salesforce for recognizing us.

Dextara's journey doesn't end here... The Dextara team is excited about the endless possibilities that the PDO partnership with Salesforce brings, and yes, we are committed to #Build>Great> 

Stay tuned for updates on our ongoing product development activities and exciting opportunities to collaborate, ideate, innovate, and #Build>Great> products with our team. 

If you want to shape your ideas as custom business applications for your business, our certified Salesforce teams can build them for you. Connect with our team at for Salesforce Consulting and Implementation Services.  


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