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With the fast-paced digitalization in the health industry, adopting healthcare advancement to address patient expectations and manage patient relationships is critical. Thus, with years of experience in empowering businesses with the power of Salesforce, Dextara developed DXHealth+ to revolutionize patient handling by streamlining Elective Healthcare Services and Patient Relationship Management with added personalization capabilities.

How can DXHealth+ accelerate Healthcare Operations?

The highly advanced features and functionalities of DXHealth+ enable healthcare providers to overcome challenges related to streamlining Patient Operations, Patient Appointments, MD Management, EHR integration, and Customized Reporting.

Revolutionize possibilities using DXHealth+ powered by Salesforce!

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Lead Automation

DXHealth+ enables streamlining and integrating different lead sources such as Social Media Handles, Website and Marketing Campaigns. This feature helps in have single pane of glass view for all leads and automates lead scoring, lead tracking and lead conversion.

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Improve Opportunity Tracking

DXHealth+ accurately tracks sales opportunities for consultations and surgical procedures. The exceptional features of DXHealth+ can support you to monitor statuses, values, and all interactions (calls, emails, SMS) for offering personalized services according to a patient's preferences.

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Better Patient Management

DXHealth+ streamlines patient relationship management. You can keep track of non-medical patient data, contact details, referral history, appointment schedules, procedure information, marketing interactions and get a 360-degree overview of the Patient.

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Streamline MD Management

DXHealth+ makes managing your partner network of medical professionals with MD Management effortless. The advanced features of DXHealth+ enable you to track interactions, monitor referrals and associated values, and even designate co-management programs within the same platform.

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Seamless Integration

DXHealth+ operates as a preconfigured solution, seamlessly integrating with Digital Marketing Channels, Document Generation Systems, E-Signature Solutions etc. This integration empowers your practice to maintain patient relationships and manage customer experiences within a unified ecosystem.

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Actionable Insights via Reports & Dashboards

DX Health+ assists your teams with customized reports and dashboards catering to the practice's needs, providing insights for sales pipeline, consultation conversion rates, surgical performance analytics, elective healthcare services, and MD management

DXHealth+ Integrations

EHR Integration

DXHealth+ offers seamless integration with many Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems that adhere to HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) standards. This integration eliminates manual data entry, boosts visibility of patient records, and enhances analytics and reporting capabilities.

  • Patient information syncs bi-directionally between your EHR system and DXHealth+. Any updates made to either system is automatically reflected in the other, ensuring data accuracy, accessibility, and agility.
  • Patient appointments scheduled in your EHR system seamlessly integrate with DXHealth+. These appointments are associated with patient records and opportunities, offering a complete view of the patient's journey across all touchpoints.

Additional Integration Capabilities

DXHealth+ can integrate with
  • Digital Channels: Convert traffic on your website to Leads.
  • Social Media: Integrate social media interactions with DXHealth+
  • Document Generation: Digital document generation for consent forms
  • E-Signature: For signing of consent forms and any other related documents

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