Top Features and benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

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Salesforce Health Cloud is a transformative platform introduced by Salesforce to revolutionize healthcare delivery. With continuous innovation, Salesforce has extended the functionalities and features of Healthcare CRM or Salesforce Health Cloud via Vlocity Health and industry-specific solutions to enable the end users or Healthcare service providers to enrich the customer experience and streamline their patient-centric and industry-specific operations. This blog will discuss the critical benefits and features of Salesforce Health Cloud exclusively for the health industry.

 Why choose Salesforce Health Cloud?

The answer lies in the simplicity of industry-specific solutions in reducing time, costs, and efforts compared to customizing, integrating, migrating, and maintaining the Salesforce platform or legacy systems according to industry. More straightforwardly, Salesforce Health Cloud features enable Healthcare providers to do minimal customizations as per their specific needs, reducing operational costs and time.  

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Features and benefits of Salesforce Health Cloud

Personalize the service using a 360-Degree View of Patients:

Salesforce Health Cloud empowers healthcare providers to get a complete view of their patient journey with a comprehensive Patient360 view. By consolidating data from diverse sources - medical history, lab results, and treatment plans - onto a unified platform, healthcare professionals can gain invaluable insights, enabling personalized care and well-informed decision-making.

Improve Care Coordination and Collaboration:

The future of healthcare demands seamless care coordination, where multidisciplinary care teams work in sync to deliver an excellent patient experience. The Salesforce Health Cloud platform aids healthcare support teams in gaining analytics on patient data to uncover hidden patterns and predict potential health risks. Healthcare providers and support teams can take proactive measures using these data-driven insights, averting health issues before they even arise. Thus, upon Salesforce Health Cloud implementation, Healthcare providers can gain AI-powered insights and achieve operational efficiency while ensuring patients receive the best treatment.

Better Focus on Patient Engagement: 

Health Cloud features enable easy integration of telehealth and mobile apps. Scheduling virtual visits and seamless communication with healthcare providers become easier for patients, enhancing patient engagement and accessibility to care. Salesforce Health Cloud implementation enables healthcare providers to emphasize patient service by establishing meaningful connections with their patients, leading to increased satisfaction and adherence to treatment plans.

Create Thriving Patient Communities:

With Salesforce Health Cloud and Community Cloud integration, Healthcare Providers can create patient communities, fostering peer support networks and self-service options to take charge of their physical and mental health. We've implemented a customized Community Cloud for one of our Health Industry Clients to create a more engageable social platform for their community of patients or end users to enable them to share their stories, interact with each other, publish tips and others as posts.

Stay assured of Data Privacy and Security:

Healthcare organizations must adhere to stringent data privacy regulations. Salesforce Health Cloud Industry Solutions comprises data privacy and security measures. Encryption, strict access controls, and compliance with industry regulations such as HIPAA fortify patient data against unauthorized access, safeguarding patient trust. Salesforce Health Cloud ensures compliance and offers extra security for patient data.

 As the Healthcare industry embraces the Salesforce Health Cloud as a part of digital transformation, Salesforce extends Health Cloud features to fill the health industry needs for generations to come.

At Dextara, we have innumerable success stories for our Health Industry clients with successful Health Cloud implementation and Community Cloud Integration. Please check our case studies to learn more about our approach to offering Salesforce Implementation and consulting services.

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