Salesforce Spring ‘22 Release key dates- Save the Dates

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You may already know that Salesforce releases happen thrice in a year. This year, Salesforce has planned a new Spring '22 release, and this news has made us feel excited and more curious than previous releases. Everyone globally is inquisitive about new features Salesforce has brought to help businesses in the pandemic. 

The 12-month release calendar available on states that the production instance gets upgraded to the Spring '22 release. You may enter your instance name and domain and click on the maintenance tab to view your upgrade date.    

You can also sign up for pre-release org or log back into your Winter '22 pre-release org if you've created it before.  

Know what features are suitable for your business before with pre-release org:

By signing into pre-release org, you can test and understand new features of the Spring '22 release. Doing so, can give you ample time to determine which features are best suitable for your company. 

Otherwise, you also have an option to learn from other trailblazers on features of the new release that are best to implement by joining the Trailblazer Communities Treasure Hunt.  

We have some important dates for the Salesforce Spring '22 release. Make a note of these dates mentioned below:

  • December 22nd: You can access the preview notes available by clicking here and using the relevant filter to get the info on items related to the Salesforce Spring '22 release.
  • January 6th: By this time, you should have an active sandbox on preview instance to get a preview of the Spring '22 release. You can also access the new features and test configurations in the Sandbox before the scheduled production update. 
  • January 7th, 2012: You will see the Spring '22 Release Site live. Now, you can use the demos, trailhead modules, community forums and other resources related to Salesforce Spring '22 release. Further, you can also know more about upgraded features on the release highlights module available on Trailhead. 
  • January 14th: First weekend of release! Salesforce customers will be able to witness the first Salesforce release weekend. You will have a better idea of the most essential features at this stage.  
  • February 4th to 11th: You will avail new features, and their demos live. The second set of instances will be available on February 4th. So, get excited!  
  • February 11th to 12th: You will get all the remaining instances upgraded on these dates. 

  • So, note these dates or bookmark this blog about Salesforce Spring '22 release dates. Keep reading our blogs for more news and insights on Salesforce. At Dextara, our certified experts can assist you with Salesforce implementation with the required specifications. For queries and info, contact us at


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