Know the 3C’s for an employee's success

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These days, people are living in a highly complex, competitive, and digitally transformed world which is very demanding. Design and development are not just enough to handle all the activities in an organization. While working together, requires a thorough understanding of several other fundamental concepts.

It is very much essential to maintain interaction with each other and to understand individual skill sets while working together in a team. In doing so, a professional can equip themselves in a better way than before, stay appropriate and maintain their presence in the most important operational phases of a project.

Here are the 3 C’s that are needed for an employee’s success in personal life as well as in career growth i.e., Collaborate, Communicate, and Coordinate.

Let’s dive deeper into each of these-

Collaborate: Collaboration is a powerful tool for employees regardless of the organization’s size or type. It creates purposeful business connections both in and out of the organization to work together, generates new ideas, learns from other team members, and achieves career goals. Workplace collaboration at the abstract level improves communication, promotes the free flow of information across the organization, and increases employee efficiency. Collaboration skills include actively listening to what others are saying, conveying the statements clearly, respecting the dissimilarities of your colleagues, and taking responsibility.

Communicate: The main purpose of communication is to reduce errors and improve organizational practices. There are 2 types of communication that are to be followed by an employee to attain career growth and success i.e., internal, and external. Internal communication builds a connection between the employees and managers, which helps in achieving better outputs. External communication helps to build strong relationships with clients/customers. Effective communication in the workplace eliminates unnecessary problems, improves productivity, promotes better performance, and enhances team member engagement.

Coordinate: Coordination is an activity of the management team which makes sure that all the groups and departments in a firm work in sync. Good coordination is a very crucial element as it improves the relations between different level managers. Coordination encourages the employees to work as a team and minimizes conflicts, wastages, delays, and other organizational problems which promotes the efficiency of employees and ensures smooth working of the organization. It also increases confidence and provides job satisfaction to employees. Finally, to conclude with the help of coordination, an employee can achieve his/her targets quickly and easily.


These 3C’s combine projects and programs together and provide a foundation that creates an opportunity to ask questions, learn from one another and share experiences together. The outcomes of the 3C’s might be different but they are interrelated to each other. As professionals, one needs to work hard to improvise and extend the skill set among which these 3C’s need to be on the top, which helps the employees to achieve multiple benefits and self-growth.


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