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Don’t miss to use these features from Salesforce Winter ’24 Release

February 19, 2024

The Salesforce Winter ’24 release is now available, and our sandboxes have been upgraded; it’s time to understand the new features and functionalities of the Salesforce Winter ’24 release and try unique configurations. This blog will discuss the transformative features of generative AI from the Winter ’24 release to redefine the realms of data, artificial intelligence (AI), and customer relationship management (CRM).  

What are the top Generative AI features for CRM from the Salesforce Winter ’24 release?

Salesforce’s Winter ’24 release highlights generative AI, a technology that promises to revolutionize businesses’ operations. Generative AI is similar to ChatGPT, StableDiffusion, and Midjourney, gaining significant attention worldwide among business leaders. A Salesforce survey reveals that 67% of IT leaders plan to prioritize generative AI for their businesses in the coming months, with 33% considering it a top priority, with Salesforce leading the way with projects like CodeGen and LAVIS. With the launch of Einstein GPT, the world’s first generative AI for Customer Relationship Management, Salesforce aims to simplify various business functions, providing personalized content based on Data Cloud and public data, automating customized responses, and revolutionizing customer service.

Here are some cool generative AI features available on Salesforce that you can use for your business-

Einstein for Service 

Einstein for Service uses CRM data to automate service replies, work summaries, and knowledge-grounded email responses in customer service tasks. This new Winter ’24 Release can shift customer-centric organizations from tracking activity metrics to focusing on outcomes such as products launched or leads generated. 

Sales Emails 

Winter ’24 Features of Salesforce emphasizes autonomy with features like Sales Emails, enabling auto-generation of personalized, data-informed emails, streamlining sales prospecting to automate mundane tasks, and freeing up time for more impactful work in the coming days. 

Slack Sales 

This new Winter ’24 generative AI feature integrates Sales Cloud and Slack to enhance communication efficiency and provide contextual information to sales teams, besides improving self-service and service teams’ productivity. 

Data Cloud Triggered Flows 

This Salesforce Winter ’24 Release feature seamlessly integrates data spaces into Flow Builder, allowing companies to trigger flows and automate processes using real-time data via AI-powered knowledge retrieval and task automation functionalities. This Generative AI feature is anticipated to impact how desk workers interact with data and think about productivity. 

Pay Now for Salesforce Starter 

AI, including chatbots and virtual assistants, is expected to simplify the employee experience, driving proactive engagement and predicting employee needs. Pay Now for Salesforce Starter enhances payment collection efficiency, embedding a checkout link into any Salesforce application. 

Salesforce Backup 

This native solution from Salesforce Winter ’24 Release safeguards enterprises from data loss, contributing to workplace trust and security. Salesforce Backup feature enables companies to focus on workplace culture with better backup policies by providing an intuitive UI for admins to create backup policies easily with a few clicks. 

How can Generative AI for CRM Impact the future of business on the Salesforce platform? 

These insights emphasize the significance of generative AI and why Salesforce is upgrading its features and functionalities in every Salesforce Release with advanced AI capabilities:  

  1. Desk workers estimate that generative AI will save them five hours per week. 
  2. 86% of IT leaders expect generative AI to play a prominent role in their organizations soon. 
  3. By 2026, Gartner expects that more than 80% of enterprises will have used generative AI, marking a profound shift in business operations. 

Salesforce focuses on inclusivity, responsibility, and sustainability while developing and deploying more advancements around generative AI for CRM in upcoming releases. Use these upgraded features from the Winter ’24 release and integrate generative AI into Salesforce’s CRM platform. These intelligent enterprise solutions can reshape the future of your work and business. If you need any support and services around the Salesforce niche, the Dextara team is always available at sales@dextara.com. Keep reading our blog posts, reports, and insights to stay up to date with technology trends and, of course, a little more on Salesforce.

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