Announcement: Dextara joins and becomes a part of the Datamatics family! Know More

Discover The Power of Financial Services Cloud 

Financial Services Cloud

Customers expect hyper-personalized solutions, great digital experiences, and innovative yet usable and helpful tools. That’s where Salesforce Financial Services Cloud aid financial services firms and advisors. This blog discusses Salesforce Financial Services Cloud features and benefits in detail.    What is Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?  Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, introduced by Salesforce, is an extensive and fully integrated solution built with easily customizable […]

Introducing DXTemplates: Streamline Document Creation on Salesforce


Hyderabad, India 15 Feb’2024 – As a leading provider of innovative solutions for businesses on the Salesforce platform, Dextara is pleased to announce the launch of DXTemplates. The Dextara Team developed DXTemplates a Salesforce 100% native product designed to simplify document creation processes within the Salesforce ecosystem. Many businesses often find it challenging to generate documents […]

Dextara is now a Salesforce Product Development Outsourcer (PDO) Partner!


Dextara is officially recognized as a Salesforce PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner now! It is indeed an exceptional milestone for us. Salesforce recognizing us as a PDO (Product Development Outsourcer) partner exemplifies their confidence and trust in Dextara for developing innovative products for modern businesses and validating our team’s expertise, dedication, and proficiency in leveraging […]

Top 8 Salesforce Trends for 2024

Top Salesforce trends

The Salesforce is all set to redefine customer relationship management (CRM) and drive growth for the organization. As we enter 2024, we must better understand the possibilities Salesforce offers to businesses in 2024 and beyond. This blog discusses the Top Salesforce trends and astonishing insights from IBM’s State of Salesforce 2023- 24 report that you […]

Dextara is now a Salesforce Summit (Platinum) Partner

In today’s fast-paced digital world, organizations face more challenges than ever before in their quest to remain competitive and achieve success. With the rise of new technologies, businesses are turning to digital transformation solutions to help them drive growth, improve customer experience, and achieve their business goals. We at Dextara Digital are proud to announce […]