Top 3 Sales Tools to Integrate with Salesforce

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Salesforce has been transforming the way businesses make sales with added efficiency. Some leading organizations are taking advantage of Salesforce CRM integration with Sales tools to maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform and empower the sales teams to achieve tremendous success. 

The top reasons why businesses integrate Salesforce with Sales tools majorly to 

  • Boost sales, 
  • Streamline workflows,
  • Improve the data accuracy and scalability, 
  • Enhanced team collaboration, and 
  • Actionable get insights
  • Furthermore, with the innumerable sales tools available today, businesses can choose the best tools out of numerous Salesforce tools and third-party apps depending on their specific sales needs and objectives. In this blog, we will discuss the top sales tools to integrate with the Salesforce CRM with an evaluation of their features, compatibility, and advantages of each sales tool and help you determine the best fit for your sales processes.

    Salesforce ZoomInfo integration  

    Why should you integrate ZoomInfo with Salesforce?

    ZoomInfo is a B2B contact database comprising all the lead information you require to make sales and Salesforce ZoomInfo integration, you can access the information, track the leads/prospects, and get a 360-degree view of your contacts at different sales funnel stages.  

    Advantages of Salesforce ZoomInfo Integration: 

  • Automate the workflows and sales processes to synchronize data among ZoomInfo and Salesforce CRM
  • Access the complete and real-time information about customers, prospects, & industry trends, including their geographical, demographical, and social behavioral insights
  • Make better decisions with a better understanding of each prospect/lead and find new opportunities for sales and marketing
  • Plan and execute Account-Based Marketing Strategies to target the right customers at the right moment and gain leads via lead scoring and segmentation
  • Identify up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to boost sales and sales reps' productivity.  
  • Salesforce Plug-in: You should subscribe to Zoom Info on Salesforce AppExchange, and it is compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, and Developer Editions (not compatible with IE6 or IE7).   

    LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Salesforce   

    Why should you do LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration?

    Like ZoomInfo, sales teams can view and search for their target companies, leads, and contacts using a paid version of the LinkedIn platform. LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables you to build custom prospecting lists under desired criteria, streamline lead generation, and facilitate social selling.  

    Advantages of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integration:

  • Search, find, view, and connect potential leads and do contact enrichment by easily importing lead info from LinkedIn to automatically populate fields like job title, company info, and more within Salesforce.
  • Integrate LinkedIn activity with Salesforce CRM data while tracking and engaging leads/prospects/contacts on LinkedIn besides sharing relevant content with them.
  • Get notifications on companies and contact your business.
  • Collaborate with your teams by sharing relevant leads, contacts, and opportunities among existing connections and gather additional info like recent actions, shared connections, and other details.
  • Approach your leads in a personalized way using sales and LinkedIn insights.
  • Salesforce Plug-in: LinkedIn Sales Navigator is compatible with Salesforce Shield and Salesforce Editions- Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Developer. It is required to get LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced or LinkedIn Sales Navigator Advanced Plus from Salesforce AppExchange.

    Salesforce High-Velocity Sales Tool Integration  

    Why should you need Salesforce High-Velocity Sales or Sales Engagement tool?

    Using this Sales productivity tool, you can create customized Salesforce cadences or sales cadences to line up the sales activities and touchpoints to engage leads/prospects across the sales pipeline. Salesforce High-Velocity Sales offer a suite of tools and features exclusively built to enhance sales performance on the Salesforce platform.

    Advantages of Salesforce High-Velocity Sales Tool Integration:

  • With customizable Salesforce Cadences, you can upload emails, custom call scripts, and email templates to simplify the sales reps’ personalized interactions with leads/prospects and contacts.
  • Simplify the workflow by creating an automated Salesforce cadence to auto-assign tasks related to Lightning Dialer (to make automated calls with scripts) and conduct personalized email campaigns. 
  • Easy Sales management with easy-to-use features for organizing the workdays and automating the follow-up tasks. 
  • Better collaboration and time management.
  • Using Custom screen pops, the sales reps can take notes, see the call scripts, and close the Sales activities with added confidence in less time.
  • Salesforce Plug-in: Salesforce High-Velocity Sales (HVS) is a native Salesforce App available on Salesforce AppExchange. Sales Engagement or Salesforce High-Velocity Sales Tool is available in Lightning Experience. Additionally, HVS is available for users on Sales Cloud, which is exclusive for Performance and Unlimited Editions. In contrast, the users with Enterprise Edition should pay an extra cost to get HVS.   

    Along with these three top Sales tools, many third-party apps and plug-ins are available that are efficient to integrate with the Salesforce CRM. As a Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner, we understand our clients' requirements better to guide them with suitable Sales tools according to their Sales objectives and goals. If you have any queries regarding the Salesforce tools, products, and services, contact our Salesforce consultants at for more information.  


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