Top 6 mistakes to avoid during the Salesforce CPQ Solution implementation

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The implementation of new software applications by modern businesses always involves several roadblocks at some point in time with the ever-changing scenarios as a part of digitalization. Even a well-planned and executed Salesforce CPQ Project can have several pitfalls.

Though, Salesforce CPQ as a platform can provide the most rewarding experience, it can also support you, your teams, and Salesforce Consultants in the most challenging environment. Salesforce consultants are often cautious about the Salesforce CPQ implementation on a large scale due to some common challenges during and after the CPQ implementation.

This blog addresses the most common Salesforce CPQ implementation mistakes to avoid-

Mistakes to avoid while -

#Updating data

Ensuring data authenticity, accuracy, and recency matters to avoid time and product price-related issues of CPQ. It is always tough to manage massive data; updating and failing can often lead to the inefficiency of CPQ and other interdependent processes. 

The only fix to these problems is to opt for data updating procedures besides having a clarification about data maintenance during CPQ execution. The companies must ensure the data stakeholders are accountable & also they continue to opt for these data updating procedures.

#Adding new functionalities

The most confusing and costly, time-consuming factor ever is adding new functionalities to CPQ software. This scenario might compel your teams to make mistakes due to confusion and interruption in the existing CPQ system. 

You can fix this by understanding the necessity of adding the new features to an existing system and then training your team with the required knowledge transfer to use the new functionality. It is wise to add user-friendly new functionality than a complex one.

# Personalizing the Quotes

Your sales will be affected if it becomes complex to add demanded products or services, and their prices in the quotation by your customer. This scenario may eventually lead to a loss.

You can avoid this with the “add-on” feature. Your customers can view add-on products or services related to their chosen products throughout the CPQ process and get their quotes personalized without missing out on the visibility of products or services in the catalogue.

#CPQ disintegration

It is critical to disintegrate CPQ to avoid sending fault contracts to your leads and customers due to the usage of outdated data. 

You can fix this scenario by getting clarification on communication among the data systems before the CPQ implementation. Take support from the Salesforce CPQ consultant to well-integrate CRMs with CPQ and make sure that the CPQ system initializes communication between data systems.

#Cleansing and Migrating Data 

The key element for a successful CPQ implementation is DATA. The data stored in various platforms must be migrated onto one centralized platform to reinitiate processes with the Salesforce platform. One must choose data from all the critical data sources while migrating data and make sure the data is clean without data duplicates.

You can fix this by having a Data engineer in your CPQ Implementation Partner’s team because they use several cleansing techniques to maintain data hygiene besides keeping automated CRM systems well-integrated with data and CPQ systems. 

#Training the team about CPQ

Your teams may face issues getting accustomed while using CPQ due to technical complexities.

You can overcome this situation with the help of your Salesforce Implementation Partner by organizing training on how your customized CPQ works in real-time.

The CPQ implementation involves several issues that may directly or indirectly affect your sales and sales teams’ performance. You can overcome these by using the fixes mentioned in this blog.

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