Accelerate your Lead-to-Cash process with CPQ

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Each organization has a unique Lead-to-Cash process based on its business model, sales channels, and the types of products/services it offers. Implementing L2C processes consumes time and cost. Any technical issue or integration failures during the implementation will make the Lead-to-Cash process inefficient and slows down configure, price and quote process.

Lead-to-cash process refers to a well-integrated end-to-end workflow that initiates from a customer choosing a business to buy a product/service to a business generating revenue by selling that product/service to a customer.

Thus, a successful Lead-to-Cash process is as critical as successfully implementing the suitable CPQ software for businesses to deliver customized requirements to their customers on time.  

Let’s dive into the common failures and how to accelerate them using CPQ. 

Common failures in the execution of Lead to cash process

Lead-to-Cash failures are inevitable and can occur at any stage of the overall sales cycle. The root cause of these is likely to be system or process-based complexities. The most common failures observed in the execution are- 

  • Selling price Adjustments and non-standard pricing
  • Poor cross-sell/up-sell conversions
  • Product misalignment with actual needs
  • Order entry faults and delivery failures
  • Overcome these failures with advanced CPQ features:

    Complex Product Configurator:

    Implement an advanced CPQ that enables businesses to define rules for:

  • Products: To offer different product models, such as Hierarchical products, Linear products, Bundled products, etc.
  • Attributes: To avoid SKU proliferation and offers products with various options that are configured as Attributes
  • Pricing: To offer comprehensive pricing alternatives where the product price can vary with Volume, Tier, Attributes, or Bundles.
  • Comprehensive and Powerful Rule Engine:

    Ensure the CPQ has the dynamic and powerful Rule Engine to support businesses to make real-time changes and ensure the customers choose allowable, associated attributes.

    The CPQ's advanced features should support sales reps in guiding customers to choose the right product combinations for customization based on product rules, besides making sales with profit margins despite price volatility.

    Out-of-the-box subscription management options:

    In case your products or services are offered on a subscription basis: Choose a CPQ that supports the entire end-to-end subscription selling lifecycle from initial consultation, implementation, and after sales services including renewals, and amendments as per your business requirements.

    Other Smart Options:

    Ideal CPQ Software should support your business with features for:

  • Price recommendations- to enable the sales teams to deliver quick, error-free quotes based on profit margins
  • Product recommendations using AI (Artificial Intelligence) - to give sales teams with necessary insights on buyer patterns, and behaviors, notify on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. 
  • Business Benefits and Customer Experience:

    You can get all these advanced features and beyond in 100% Salesforce Native, Dextara CPQ. Its advanced CPQ functionalities can reduce not only manual errors but also reduce the overall sales cycle. The efficiency and accuracy offered by this next-generation CPQ software can improve CX across the Lead-to-Cash Process and streamline revenue from multiple channels. The businesses can #AccelerateSales in 2 weeks by implementing Dextara CPQ. Want to know how? Connect our CPQ experts at Dextara at and get a free demo of Dextara CPQ today. 


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