How Dextara Automated Sales Cloud in 8 weeks for 100+ Users.







"Needed to connect digital presence to real-world sales, employee & company performance processes".

- CEO, Funded Ed Tech Firm


Client was Struggling to provide seamless sales and customer onboarding and support process to employees across different location and business streams(B2B,B2C & B2G) due to the distributed data stored across different systems or flat files.


Implementation helped Client merge sales, customer onboarding and support process.
40+ Processes , 76 Reports and 7 dashboards, Reporting Structure for 60+ users & 6 Integrations with external systems/interfaces
Now the business can create lead & opportunities, share quote, create customers and do onboarding process.
Now business can see Leads from external system, JIRA issues and auto calculated the company KPI's.


Improved Lead Management Process
Customer onboarding and Support process is now simpler to achieve than ever.
Customer support team can see the customer issues & chat raised in JIRA or Haptik in Salesforce itself.
Executive can see performance of the company and employees now in one click Dashboard.

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Customer Experience Transformation for a Global Leader


Service Cloud


Less Tickets


More Time

"Migrated the entire customer service process from SAP to Salesforce for transforming customer experience and implementing smart self service capabilities".

- CDO, Dextara


Client wanted to highly improve customer service experience for customer user base .


Enable Einstein Bot in Community Cloud for authenticated customers. Use the login details to establish the context & manage multiple Bots with different personas to redirect to the appropriate topic. Use Einstein Intent (Natural Language Processing) to create a learning model. Integrate multiple data sources like Knowledge Articles, Apex and API for achieving higher case resolution and satisfaction. Seamlessly create a case under the hood with all the required details logged for agent further investigation. Use Einstein Case Classification for hyper automation by assigning the tickets to right agent based on system rules defined.


AI assisted mechanism to ensure the customers get to the right knowledge articles with fewer clicks – Reduced 40% tickets Automated ticket creation based on the search criteria and chat conversation with the bot Suggested Next Best Action for the customers based on what they are looking for in the customer portal Auto assignment of the tickets to the agents improving the ticket resolution time by 30%

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