Manage leads like a pro with Salesforce LinkedIn Integration

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Executing sales operations effectively and boosting sales is the critical business objective of any business. However, the efficiency of the sales operations depends on reliable and accurate data. That's where many companies get trapped in the dark with unrealistic goals without knowing if the data is reliable or unreliable. You can overcome this challenge through the combined potential of LinkedIn & Salesforce platforms. This blog will discuss the importance of Salesforce LinkedIn Integration and guidelines for integration. 

We are aware of the potential of LinkedIn and Salesforce platforms in networking, branding, PR, CRM, and Sales automation.  

With Salesforce LinkedIn integration, it becomes easier for your sales teams to manage all the sales operations & target your potential customers using the reliable first-party data available on LinkedIn and Salesforce CRM.  

Integrating data from LinkedIn and Salesforce CRM onto a centralized platform allows your sales teams to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to find all the leads, businesses, and prospects available on LinkedIn.

 LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

This dedicated version of LinkedIn was introduced exclusively to synchronize the sales processes and lead management. LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows users to find and reach the right leads by using key insights. Furthermore, you can approach your leads based on their profession or business in a more personalized manner. 

What are the benefits of Salesforce LinkedIn Integration for business? 

Your Sales team can get a complete view of the sales activity on one dashboard by integrating Salesforce CRM with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Therefore, they become extra productive and spend more time engaging the leads. 

 With Salesforce CRM LinkedIn integration, sales team can:

  • Identify apt leads and accounts to sell the products and services 
  • Use analytical insights & lead scores to nurture the leads 
  • Approach leads and accounts using personalized information 
  • Store the generated lead and customer data within the Salesforce CRM
  • Capture the suitable leads and add them to Salesforce CRM.
  • Target the prospects and customers using LinkedIn Sales Navigator features.
  • Improve customer data management and service with personalized communication.
  •  Overall benefits of Salesforce LinkedIn Integration:

  • Build better customer relationships and gain new customers 
  • Bring all the data onto a single platform and save time without switching among platforms 
  • Make the sales processes more efficient with improved lead & data management, customer interactions 
  • Secure sensitive and confidential customer data 
  • Reduce lead generation costs 
  • The integration process is straightforward. Follow our step-by-step guide for LinkedIn Salesforce integration.


    Before the installation process, ensure you have the API & admin access to the Enterprise, Developer, or Professional, Unlimited Edition. You should contact the Salesforce team if you need API access along with complete admin access. 

    You can install the Sales Navigator app using a Person Account type instead of a business account. However, you cannot sync the CRM features and get the necessary support using a Person type of account.  

    Thus, you should have an active LinkedIn account & license for one of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Editions with team members to test and validate the Sales Navigator functionalities embedded in Salesforce. 

    Next, follow these steps for Salesforce LinkedIn Integration: 

      1. Log into your Salesforce account. 
      2. Go to and search for the "LinkedIn" package among apps in the search box 
      3. Click on Download and get the LinkedIn package to start the installation process 
      4. Now choose the customization options as per business requirements and set the security settings 
      5. Confirm the installation  
      6. In, review the LinkedIn Company Insider tab under the Account tab to explore account-centric connections   

    You can also integrate Salesforce CRM with LinkedIn or any social data platform using third-party tools like Zapier and Workato. Our experts can guide you on this based on your business requirements.  

    To conclude, you can supercharge your sales process with better lead management through Salesforce LinkedIn Integration and get a centralized view of the latest data and insights. Our Salesforce experts at Dextara can guide you through the Salesforce integration process. For more information, connect with our Salesforce consultants at


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