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Dextara, as a Certified Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner, can proficiently offer implementation support and guidance to help you overcome business challenges effortlessly. With a clear understanding of the customer needs and nature of business, we design the simpler processes and do Revenue Cloud implementation. With over years of experience in implementation, we have something unique to offer our clients.

That's our next-generation AI-powered, purpose-built, subscription-savvy DX-CPQ.

Integration of Revenue cloud and DX-CPQ can ease and enhance the most complex Product Modeling, Master Data Management, Partner Relationship Management processes, and dynamic configuring, pricing, and quoting capabilities.

Further, with a single view of the entire cash flow across all the channels, all the processes in place, what else do you need?

Learn more about how you can integrate your existing Revenue Cloud and DX-CPQ to get higher revenue. Click Here

How Dextara will help you implement Revenue Cloud?

Dextara can help you to select the right tool. We have extensively worked on implementing both Salesforce CPQ solutions and can advise and help you to implement CPQ solutions for your organization.

Expertise in implementing all SaaS scenarios (Net new business, New business, Upsell, Downsell, Upgrade, Downgrade, Product Swaps, Cancellations, Automated Renewal)

More than 50% of sales wins go to companies that are first responders. Long sales and quoting processes will negatively impact sales quota. CPQ is the ultimate sales tool for speed and efficiency. It eliminates manual quoting and simplifies business complexity, so your salespeople have more time to sell. CPQ drastically shortens the sales cycle by having one central location for all product and pricing information, providing guided selling recommendations, user-friendly interfaces, and configurations that manage product complexity.

We are experienced advisory partners in helping customers successfully implement various selling models (One Time, Recurring, Usage based models, Capacity based models)

You can get following Non-GAAP metrics from your CPQ implementation for seamless coordination between finance and sales teams:

  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Monthly / Annual Recurring Revenue
  • Total Contract Value
  • Churn / Renewal Rates
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Avg. Revenue per User
  • Days Sales Outstanding
  • Revenue Backlog

Traditional Features: Experts at connecting Orders to ERP systems (Billing downstream)

New Features: Experts in doing billing upstream using Salesforce Billing/ invoicing (Lead to Invoice)

New Features: Experts in doing billing using Salesforce Billing/ payment gateway integrations upstream (Syncing financial information downstream)

Benefits of Leveraging Dextara as your Revenue Cloud Implementation Partner

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