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For every business, 'Customer is the King' and what do they love? Yes, great customer service; especially in the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the relevance of a strong customer service is unparalleled. And, Salesforce is revolutionising Customer Service with Service Cloud. Salesforce Service Cloud is a comprehensive service management platform that enables organisations to work with customers and channel partners to provide excellent service efficiently.

While the benefits of keeping the customer happy already reflects impressively as stats worldwide, Salesforce also constantly upgrades its service cloud platform. In fact, what sets Salesforce apart that it upgrades its software 3x a year. These upgrades are made in response to customer and consultants requests, who can vote for suggested product improvements.

From the way Salesforce is building products, it's clear that it thinks that Customer Service is at par with Sales and Marketing in terms of importance, if not more and thereby, sees Service as an integral part of the business, and closely linked to Sales and Marketing. Which means you can use Salesforce to unify departments to work in sync to serve the customer instead of working in departmental silos.

Some of the noteworthy features in Salesforce Service Cloud are as follows:
  • Lightning Service Console
  • Case Management
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Omni-channel Routing
  • CTI / Telephony Integration
  • Social Customer Service
  • Automation with Macros
  • Account and Contact Management
  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Asset and Order Management
  • Contracts and Entitlement

What does that mean for you and your customers?
  • A flexible agent console with natively integrated telephony, digital channels, and a 360-degree customer view
  • Self-service channels to scale support and help customers instantly
  • Embedded AI and process automation to make service faster and more efficient
  • Guided workflows and learning paths to increase productivity and grow skills
  • An agile, low-code platform and AppExchange ecosystem to adopt service solutions quickly
  • An Account Health Monitoring System that can analyze your customer lifecycle, provide real-time data on an account's health, predict customer behavior and needs, and identify at-risk accounts before they churn
  • Deliver smarter service by automatically matching cases to the agent with the best skill set to solve them through Omni-channel Routing
  • Track customers' assets, orders, install date, purchase date, serial number, support history, and more, in one place for a complete view of their activity through Asset and Order Management
  • Record service contracts related to accounts and the level of entitlement applicable that can be verified to determine if customers are eligible for support
  • Snap-ins that let you integrate customer support directly within your own apps or your own webpages meaning no more lost web chat window when a customer flips back to the website to answer a service rep's chat question

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