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The rise of Software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS solutions have been among the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry over the past few years. As per the Economic Times stats report, the SaaS market has the potential to grow 20 times more in emerging markets, i.e., around 50 to 70 million dollars, by 2030. Due to increased awareness of SaaS adaptation among users, Cloud-based SaaS products are moving into the mainstream as SMBs to large enterprises started to use Cloud-based platforms. 

In this blog, let's understand the advantages, the necessity of SaaS, and how to choose the right SaaS application.

Advantages of SaaS:

SaaS is considered an alternative to standard software installation with specific advantages to assist the companies embracing it. 

Cost-Effective: SaaS is subscription-based and has less upfront software license and hardware costs. Also, the SaaS's 'Pay as you go pricing model allows businesses to pay only for the software they use.

Reduced Setup time: As SaaS is already installed and configured in the cloud for readymade use, it minimizes the regular conventional software installation time and lets you use the required application quickly.

Accessibility from anywhere at any time: All you need to access a SaaS application are an internet connection and a browser. Especially for users operating across numerous sites, SaaS provides an ease to access their data at any time from any location.

Scalability: SaaS provides flexibility to accommodate the business requirements from time to time, such as offering different subscription options and changing plans depending on the user's access to a particular service.

Reliable Security: Data Security is a critical concern to consider as it involves a lot of time and budget. For instance, if any hurdles occur in one center, the other data center will continue delivering the services, ensuring zero downtime.

How to choose the right SaaS application?

Understand your requirements: Firstly, identify the organization's needs in terms of what processes are carried out manually or the processes where there are repeated errors. Those are the process that are perfect for digitization. Once the process, high level requirements, ROI and budget are determined, you can start evaluating the products which are catering to your requirements and offer their product in SaaS model.   

Initial Evaluation: After you shortlist the products that suit your requirements, you can get user reviews of those products from sites like G2 or Capterra. Then the next step would be to ask for a demo or get a trial version where you can access some set of functionalities. This process should help with your decision.

When evaluating the software, It is wise to look for these aspects:

  • usability,
  • pricing,
  • scalability,
  • user management,
  • Integration capability,
  • import and export of data,
  • multi-device compatibility,
  • location-wise compliance certifications,
  • data privacy,
  • security standards, etc.

  • Final Step: After checking the above aspects in the trial version, identify a perfect solution that meets your business requirements. However, as every evaluation need not be satisfied in every case, sometimes, you may need to trade off and buy the one that meets your feature requirements, budget, and security concerns.

    If you don't want to compromise while choosing a SaaS application in any aspect, Choose Salesforce because Salesforce has everything to fulfill any business needs.

    Why Salesforce?

    SaaS adaption with native Salesforce offers innumerable benefits. Other than all the above mentioned features, Salesforce offers comprehensive after-sales customer engagement, technical support and large and every growing partner community who can assist in demo, evaluation, and implementation of your business requirements on Salesforce platform.

    Organizations across diversified verticals got transformed digitally using the Salesforce platform.

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