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Charles Darwin says, 'Neither the strongest nor the intelligent species survive; only the species adapt to the change that persists.'

In the era of digital transformation, it applies to companies too.

No matter how big or small an organization might be, adapting modern cutting-edge technologies with Digital Transformation is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive.

In 2021, 54 % of companies have started prioritizing digital transformation, according to the Flexera survey.
IDC, 2020 study estimated that the global spending on leveraging technologies for digital adaptation would become $2.3 trillion by 2021.

These stats say it all!

What exactly is Digital Transformation?

Using new-age digital technologies to create or modify the existing business processes, customer experiences and culture to meet changing business and market requirements is called Digital Transformation.

Start your journey today if you have not initiated yet-

Customers today across the globe are connected across many devices through multiple mediums. Giving the best experience to your customers, providing value with your product or service, and retaining them is crucial in this highly competitive world. The statistics mentioned above clearly indicate that many businesses have already started their digital transformation journey. When any business begins its digital transformation journey, customer experience and customer relationship management are the key areas to address. Salesforce, the world's #1 CRM, is hugely successful in delivering integrated end-user experiences besides improving customer engagement by 53%, enterprise transformation by 53%, and innovation by 50%.

Companies that used Salesforce CRM and SMAC tools (Social, Mobile, Analytical, Cloud) with the right strategy have efficiently understood their customer data to gain the business edge against their competition.

Can Salesforce help your businesses in digital transformation?

Salesforce, a leading cloud-based CRM platform, has turned beneficial for the companies with a network of inter-connected applications across environments that enable businesses to manage all the operations from Lead to Cash. The Salesforce SMAC bundle can help organizations to:

  • Access Salesforce platform from any device as it is entirely cloud-based.
  • Stay more connected to customers across multiple mediums.
  • Take advantage of operating from anywhere by effectively integrating mobile technologies.
  • Covert millions of data point to valuable insights using Einstein AI.


In addition to the above, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Revenue Cloud (Salesforce CPQ) have helped organizations across the world automate the end-to-end Sales process and tremendously improve the sales team's productivity.

Today, Salesforce is an industry leader in building a solid foundation in Digital Transformation while automating, redesigning, and streamlining an organization's business processes.

Plan your digital transformation journey now-

Plan a customer and employee-centric digital transformation journey by analyzing the current gaps in the context of every changing customer demand and by having minimal impact on existing systems. If you need help, find a reliable Salesforce Consulting Partner.

Why do you need a Salesforce Consulting Partner?

In any Digital Transformation journey, three key focus areas for an organization are Budget, Expertise, and Time. Hence, it is wise to choose a partner involved in such transformational programs and get it right first. There are many ways to kickstart a successful digital transformation journey. Discuss with your Salesforce Consulting Partner regarding an ideal strategy for your business.

As a Salesforce Silver Partner, Dextara has incredible experience working on large transformation programs for clients across the globe. Our experts can assist and guide you towards achieving and sustaining your digital transformation journey.

Jump-start your Digital Transformation with us!.


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