State of Commerce Report: Key Takeaways on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

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Post-pandemic, we're navigating through inflationary pressures and ever-shifting consumer expectations that are resulting in constant enhancements of digital platforms by eCommerce businesses to deliver a better Customer Experience. Digital channels are providing endless opportunities for e-commerce retailers. According to the State of Commerce Report, digital channels are projected to drive 54% of commerce revenue by 2024, indicating a surge in online shoppers. To stand out among the competitors, the businesses are using the combined power of Salesforce Commerce Cloud and a well-crafted eCommerce strategy to fill customer needs and engage them across all social platforms besides getting the below-mentioned benefits.

salesforce commerce cloud

In this blog, we will dive into Salesforce Commerce Cloud and its boundless potential to transform eCommerce businesses.

Why is there an increase in the usage of Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

With the increased adoption rates of online shopping, the Global Commerce Cloud Market size is estimated to reach USD 27 billion by 2024 with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 24.9 percent. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Usage is increasing with 13% year-over-year growth.

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The advanced Salesforce Commerce Cloud features such as storefront reference architecture, Einstein AI, order management capabilities, comprehensive omnichannel suite, marketing and merchandising tools, multi-site management and localization, and other critical features support eCommerce businesses to do everything on one dashboard. So, on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can do it all, from managing transactions to delivering unified customer experiences to their customers across all devices, social mediums, apps, and websites. All these capabilities make the Salesforce Commerce Cloud an ideal and powerful tool for eCommerce businesses.

How does Salesforce Commerce Cloud add value to your business?

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is for B2B and B2C businesses

As the world's leading eCommerce solution, Salesforce Commerce Cloud fills your eCommerce business needs. As the Salesforce State of Commerce Report indicates, B2B companies will generate 52% of revenue on digital channels. Using a powerful platform like Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables B2B businesses to scale efficiently and handle bulk/large orders with faster checkouts and personalization.

In B2C Salesforce Commerce Cloud, companies can monitor multiple websites on one dashboard and interact with customers via mails, messages, and notifications across social mediums on numerous devices (online) or directly in-store (offline). With growing Buy Online Pickup Instore (BOPIS) services, 85 percent of the B2C eCommerce businesses say they've already had or will add BOPIS under their services to drive sales, as per Salesforce State of Commerce Report. 

Faster and no-code website creation

The headless architecture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud enables faster changes to the storefronts and 77% of organizations stated the same in the Salesforce State of Commerce Report. Using Storefront Reference Architecture, you can use pre-designed frameworks, developer tools, APIs, and built-in templates to build an attractive, feature-rich, and unique website for your business with zero programming knowledge. 


Unify the Sales and Enrich Customer Experience

With the emerging new social sales channels like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and other online marketplaces, 69% of Digital leaders have invested in these new channels, as reported in the Salesforce State of Commerce Report. Thus, to avoid monitoring sales on each channel individually, Salesforce Commerce Cloud came to the rescue.   

By implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can bring all the sales channels together to help your sales teams monitor sales on any device from any location, besides giving your customers a personalized and seamless commerce experience.  

AI capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Using the Einstein AI capabilities of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can track and analyze customer behaviors to deliver personalized quotes, product recommendations, and relevant messages with a better Search Experience for product discoveries to your customers. The Salesforce State Commerce Report reveals the actionable data has made the businesses 4.3 times more confident to execute an Artificial Intelligence strategy to drive personalized engagement. Furthermore, with all the customer data and analytics in one place, it is easier for your marketing teams to collaborate, market the products/services, publish marketing campaigns, and send relevant promotional messages to their customers at the right moment.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud enhances scalability

With the growing website traffic, transaction volumes, and inventories, all you need is a highly scalable platform to handle the eCommerce website easily. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is highly scalable and supports you to 

  • Manage content and website traffic
  • Deploy new technologies in less time
  • Build and load the webpages faster
  • Ensures safer and more secure transactions
  • Customize and use the web templates easily
  • 24/7 Salesforce Support

    On implementing Salesforce Commerce Cloud, you can reach the Salesforce Support team or use the Salesforce resource library to resolve the issue on Help Portal or Trailblazer.

    Get started with Salesforce Commerce Cloud today to streamline operations with added scalability, flexibility, and agility. Ask Certified Salesforce Consultants at Dextara about how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can fill your business needs and customize the Salesforce platform to achieve your business goals. Reach our team at for more info. 


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