Salesforce Summer ’22 Release- Highlights and Key Dates

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Salesforce Summer ’22 first release is live now! On these hot summer days, what’s better than checking the Summer ‘22 release and keeping yourself up to date at home. 

We know you are excited about the latest features implemented in the Summer ’22 release. 

So, your wait end here…

We are here with the critical release key dates of Salesforce Summer ’22 and the first release of upgraded features. 

The first thing you need to know is to upgrade your Sandbox, as this is the first option you get for testing your configurations in the new release. 

May 6th and 7th, 2022, Sandbox was upgraded this weekend. You can get the release highlights module on the trailhead that makes the process easy to learn new features by offering demo videos and community forums based on your learning style and expertise.

Here are the upcoming dates for Salesforce Summer ’22 release and first-weekend release- 

May 20th, 2022: Today is the first release weekend! This is the day when the Salesforce customers will get access to the key features implemented in the Summer ’22 Salesforce release. Salesforce developers can learn the latest enhancements by testing various configurations in the Sandbox. Here we have discussed the new highlights that will be available in the Summer '22 release. Let’s check them:

  • Swarming: Using this feature, salesforce customers can resolve cases and get rid of incidents happening in real-time by attaining support from experts from respective departments. Salesforce has collaborated with slack and developed this feature to provide support more quickly and effectively for the customers/clients. Swarming eliminates unnecessary transfers and directly assigns a subject matter expert to resolve the case.
  • Subscription management: Control and manage the entire subscription cycle of self-service channels with the help of this feature. It provides easy quoting options so that the customer can integrate subscription management into any app and continue their purchases without breaking the chain. This feature helps in saving a lot of effort and time.
  • Intelligent Fraud Management: Today, fraud patterns are changing faster than preventive measures. With the help of this feature, customers can easily identify program frauds in less time and respond quickly to avoid loss of data and server failures. Detecting frauds at early stages reduces the budget, thus making the results more efficient. 
  • Einstein Predictions for Net Zero: Salesforce’s Net Zero Cloud provides the industries with a rotational means of analysing the data, tracking emissions, and pointing out the things where they can make the improvements. The Salesforce Cloud uses deep-rooted Einstein Analytics for drawing reports accurately and making future predictions. So that salesforce customers can plan and see how significant differences happen due to minor changes.
  • Triggered campaign messages: Salesforce marketing cloud users will be able to understand customers’ requirements and trigger them with personalized results based on cart abandonment or catalogue changes. This ensures re-engaging the customers to use their required channel and respond in real-time during catalogue triggers such as price changes, restocked items, and behavioural triggers, i.e., cart desertions etc. 
  • Likewise, stay tuned for the more releases- 

    May 20th to May 27th, 2022: Finally, the date has come where the features of Summer ’22 are live. The product management team will provide demos of the new features. 

    June 3rd, 2022: It’s the time for the Second release weekend of Salesforce Summer ’22. As the upgrade should not impact your server uptime or activities in the organization, you can check out the trust page for the timing of the upgrade and make a note of it.

    June 10th and June 11th, 2022: The big day has come, and it is the “Final Release Weekend”. All the leftover instances are upgraded on these dates. 

    Make sure to mark these dates in your calendar not to miss any updates related to Salesforce Summer ’22. Keep going through our blogs regularly for more info on Salesforce. Our highly certified expert team will assist you regarding Salesforce implementation based on your requirements. For further queries, please email us at


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