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Everyone is aware of the value of excellent service. So why don't more businesses offer it? Many consumers place equal value on a company's customer care as they do on its products or services. Customers also tend to move towards businesses that give them the best experience, as brand loyalty is lower than ever. Why then do 84% of consumers claim that companies fall short in offering unified experiences across channels? Because of separated divisions, siloed data, disparate point solutions, and excessive dependence on manual processes, businesses are not prepared to meet changing expectations. 

Digital transformation is the key to solving these issues. However, sometimes it's simpler to say than to do. New companies might not have the resources to create a brand-new answer from the start. Larger companies frequently have difficulty integrating various old systems from various offices and sections. 

The solution for many of our clients is Salesforce Service Cloud.

Service Cloud enables connected, personalized service from anywhere on one digital engagement platform. Everyone, from your call center agents to your field support professionals, has easy-to-use tools that enable them to perform at their best. Through AI-powered processes and connected, customized service at every touchpoint, customers receive responses more quickly and easily.

Flexibility is a key advantage of Service Cloud. Businesses can start small and easily add functionality as they grow and their needs change. Implementation is fast and straightforward and can be done without putting extensive resources into coding and configuring. Salesforce offers composable apps and services, clicks-to-code tools, and a robust ecosystem of ISV and partner apps that are prebuilt and pre-integrated on the platform.

“Dextara Digital team is highly responsive and collaborative. We got the service and community cloud implemented for our business by the Dextara team, and they've guided our teams with change management and training. We are confident that we can achieve our long-range goals in the coming years with an excellent Customer Experience through hyper-personalization." says the VP of Operations of a cloud-based CI/CD & release automation suite software company headquartered in the USA.

Key reasons why businesses are moving to Service Cloud

  1. Connecting all digital experiences

The consumer experience is becoming more multichannel. In fact, 74% of customers have begun and finished a purchase using numerous platforms. By combining all channels on a single platform, Service Cloud enables you to promote multichannel interaction. Chatbots that manage common inquiries, start procedures, and gather data before handing it off to agents can help you provide faster service. Additionally, Service Cloud enables self-service choices with guided process automation, 24/7 access to pertinent content, and mission-critical data because many customers prefer to assist themselves.

  1. Automating business processes with AI

You can facilitate end-to-end process automation with Service Cloud and develop a 360-degree customer perspective. With pre-built connectors and reusable APIs, you can incorporate data or logic from any third-party system to enable fluid multi-system processes. For a smooth experience, create a procedure once and then expand it to any touchpoint. Utilize a linked platform to mobilize your entire business in the service of the client to unlock cross-department productivity.

  1. Reimaging the contact center

The requirements of both customers and employees have drastically changed in recent years. The call center hasn't always been able to keep up. The Service Cloud empowers your staff to provide the quick, effective multichannel experiences clients demand, whether they are working in-person or virtually thanks to a unified agent workstation and linked field service. Using a simple drag-and-drop workstation with 360-degree client views, agents can rapidly manage problems from a single screen. They can seamlessly toggle between cases, voice conversations, messaging, and chat channels. Additionally, a connected app equips mobile employees with the necessary instruments, assets, and knowledge to guarantee superior service and insight into upselling opportunities.

  1. Optimizing field operations

From personalized recommendations to real-time ETAs, customers are expecting more from field service professionals. Service Cloud enables you to offer customers the experience they desire. With client insights and data shared among your support teams, you can improve both physical and virtual field service. By meeting customers on their preferred digital channels and streamlining scheduling, you can provide real-time appointment updates, mobile worker details, and virtual troubleshooting.

Service Cloud in action

Our entrainment client, an on-demand video streaming entertainment platform company, needed help to juggle among platforms to get customer info, insights, and tickets to assist their customers. So, Dextara implemented Service Cloud to transform digitally and fill the Client's objectives to improve the long-range user experience, case management, customer relationships, and customer support.

Now, the Client has fully automated the customer support with the service cloud and enabled their support teams to assist the customers virtually along with self-service customer service chatbots for instant responses. The Salesforce Service Cloud implementation has helped the Client to enrich Customer Xperience (CX), relationships, and service teams' productivity leading to 3X more customer retention and loyalty.

More ways companies are driving success with Service Cloud

Extending real-time and continuous conversations to a customer’s preferred messaging channels. Seamlessly creating, managing, and monitoring service cases straight from the brand’s social feed. Building trust by offering fast, intelligent phone support for complex or simple inquiries. Providing smarter, faster service to ensure technicians have the right parts to minimize the number of trips onsite. Automating how agents engage with the right skilled experts to solve new and complex cases.

Service Cloud is not only about happier customers.

Service Cloud helps improve the employee experience for agents and field service staff by eliminating repetitive tasks, managing workload, and allowing them to focus on what they do best—helping customers. And with more people than ever wanting to work remotely, Service Cloud gives your teams the tools to deliver excellent customer service from anywhere.

How to get started

As a Premium Salesforce Consulting partner specializing in Salesforce Consulting and multi-cloud implementation with teams certified in Salesforce and CPQ, we can implement Service Cloud quickly and efficiently. The Dextara team can help you deliver excellent service and drive loyalty from anywhere. For info, connect with our sales teams at and check our case studies to find out how we made Salesforce Implementation successful for our delighted clients.  


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