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Organizations were very skeptical about using Sales automation solutions for their businesses in the past. However, the scenario has radically changed in last 2-3 years with digital transformation on the minds of all enterprises.

In the survey conducted by Salesforce, 95% of IT engineering leaders revealed that organizations are now prioritizing workflow automation to handle repetitive tasks and boost staff productivity. As Salesforce mainly concentrates to automate the business activities, around 89% of the employees could benefit from this one change than ever before.

Let's keep an eye out for the newest trends in business automation in this blog, including AI-based automation and how sales workflow automation enhances employee satisfaction and productivity.

Automation Trends that revolutionize businesses in 2022

To meet the expectations of both employees and customers, automation has become a vital component of digital transformation across enterprises. Automation will undoubtedly advance industries and provide excellent working conditions for individuals. Let's examine some automation trends to ease the complexity of this developing digital environment.

  1. Employees use automation to solve everyday business problems: Currently, we observe that the employees while working are using different applications and toggling among all those continuously to get their work done. As a result, switching between applications takes a fair bit of time. By setting up a pipeline on Slack that automatically broadcasts messages and arranges follow-up calls, this may be made simpler.
  2. Workflow Automation breaks down Organizational Silos: According to the Salesforce Survey, 91% of the employees say that automation offers better work-life balance and saves time. Silos have always been a problem for businesses, but the pandemic brought to light just how detrimental they can be to cooperation, quality, and productivity.By acting as a bridge between divided teams and processes, workflow automation eliminates these organizational silos, fostering cooperation across diverse work settings and ultimately enhancing communication.
  1. Automation Boosts Customer Experience CX: Customer Experience is a crucial factor that sets your company apart from the competition. 80% of the customers say that the CX provided by a company is as important as its products or services. With CRM automation, organizations can automate daily activities I.e., entering customer information in the database, managing communication between sales agents and customers, updating information on upcoming leads etc. This is nothing but customer 360 which will be a single pane of glass with all the data about the customer in one place and enterprises can leverage this to deliver superior customer experiences.

AI Assisted Automation

Combining Automation and AI is changing businesses and providing superpowers to build productive relationships with customers. As per the workflow Automation report, 78% of Engineering and IT businesses are now using or are planning to use AI as a part of their workflow automation activities. Business enterprises are reinventing themselves in terms of how they function and interact with their clients because of automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Automation is essential for developing suggestions using Artificial Intelligence insights and applying them when they are needed.

Workflow Automation to enhance employee productivity

The productivity and efficiency of employees may be greatly increased by automating processes. Workflow solutions also make it possible for seamless collaboration and automate key business processes, reducing the amount of manual work that employees need to do. This ensures that work is completed without any errors.

In summary, there are many benefits of employee productivity and customer experience when automation is adopted. Salesforce is a perfect platform to start your digital transformation or automation journey.

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