Ideas To Engage Everyone At Office Christmas Party 2021

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The most awaited Christmas of 2021 has arrived. The spirits are high, and the festive vibes are ON!

It's a great time to spend this holiday with loved ones and colleagues at work. Post pandemic, most organizations are putting efforts to bring back employees to the workplace as Governments are relaxing the restrictions

After facing a difficult period of over 20 months and missing out on celebrations at work, employees are more eager about returning to the workplace for a Christmas party. Indeed, to a routine like before, partying with their colleagues, dear ones, on this Christmas.

Here are a few ideas you should try at the 2021 Christmas party in the workplace.

Add Christmas cheer to the workplace.

Decorate the office with a Christmas tree, lights, colorful tinsels to fill the place with festive spirit. Your colleagues may feel delighted to see this after a long time at the office.

Another great idea is decorating the whole place involving your peers while putting up the decor, or else you can also plan and host a cubicle decor contest at the office.

Become a Secret Santa!

On this Christmas, why don't you be a secret Santa? or bring your teams together and randomly pick name cards of an employee in another team and gift them. It's a great idea to get to know other people and party with everyone at work.

Recognize and reward your colleagues

Make your colleagues feel ecstatic even if they're working remotely or partying at home or the office with suitable titles.

Appreciate your peers with recognitions and rewards based on how they made your days the best or how they supported you at work in this entire year. Make your colleagues feel that you value the relationship with them.

Have a Merry and palatable Christmas party

Organize a Christmas potluck dinner party at the office. Decide a dress code, prepare your peers' favorite foods, and chit-chat over foods and desserts.

It is also wise to plan a wine party at a restaurant with a lively ambiance or a vineyard with a wine tasting trip nearby your place.

Play games

Plan and organize fun activities with your team like Pictionary, Mafia, Dumb charades, etc. Or some competition that involves teams to perform on-stage like mimicry, singing, dancing, standup comedy, and others.

It is also great to go to adventure parks or immersive, interactive Virtual Reality game zones to get a great experience.

Serve the Community/ Corporate Social Responsibility-

Giving something back to society on Christmas is a great thing. Plan together and collaborate with an NGO, orphanage, or other places that need community support. Giving clothes, books, groceries, medicines, or valuable items that may help the needy. So, plan some charity and feel fulfilled that you're able to give something back to humanity.

With the above ideas, your Christmas party at work makes more joyful, besides filling your heart with a feeling of togetherness at work. The celebrations at work always make work less stressful and exciting. Hence, companies always plan such parties for engaging, de-stressing employees.

Are you up for a Christmas party with us?

We bet on originality, involvement, and holiday surprises.

Dextara wishes you and your family a Happy Christmas and a great holiday season!!


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