Ideas to Accomplish New Year Resolutions with a Shift in Mindset

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Like every year, our minds start popping up with the New Year resolutions. Be it fitness, health, career, travel, education, and this list of New Year resolutions go on. Everyone's' priorities and preferences are unique.

Understand why you should make New year resolution? Why is that resolution important for you?

Generally, with the spirit of the celebration, we often consider the New year as a new start. This year take an opportunity to identify:

  • What do you lack in life?
  • What makes you unhappy and unfulfilled?
  • Why making change are essential for you? 
  • How can you achieve this?
  • Do you plan an achievable New Year's resolution or not?
  • You can make New year's resolutions and commit & dedicate yourself to turning your resolution into a lifelong habit in life. With these tips, you can transform your life, overcoming fears, beliefs, besides habituating to new way of living your life.

    How can you accomplish your new year's resolution?

    Find the objectives that are suitable for you and accomplish your resolutions. Then, 

    Decide. Plan. Act: 

    Now, you know why you need to implement new things in life. So, make your mind, stick to your change plan, and take steps towards it as you know. It's not about doing once or twice; you must make this change a habit for life.

    Note the plan:

    Your resolutions are nothing but your goals, so note them down in your diary. As per Mark Murphy's study, those who write, envision, or express their goals are more likely to accomplish their goals 40% more likely than those who don't.

    Believe in your goal:

    Keep all your uncertainties out of your mind. Consider that you've no choice but to act towards your New Year resolution. Don't harm with self-doubt in your capabilities. Shut the negative voice in you and keep reminding yourself of your goal. Believe in yourself and have faith in your actions. 

    Success has a metric with zero limits:

    Rate your actions and track your progress every week and every month. Hence, plan (SMART) Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic short-term, long-range goals to fulfill your resolutions in a specific Time.

    Perseverance is the priority:

    There might be many challenges in your way; Don't give up! Continue working on your resolutions because you made a firm decision to fulfill them this year and retain them for life.

    Team Dextara wishes you a conscious and prosperous New year. We hope you follow these tips to fulfill all your dreams.


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