The best CRM implementation practices to follow in 2022

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Companies will continue to invest in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technologies to gain an advantage in improving Customer Xperience (CX), analytics, social collaboration, and other capabilities. As per a report, those companies invested in leveraging CRM received an average ROI of 8.71 dollars for one dollar spent. By the end of 2022, Gartner estimates CRM will become the most significant investment in enterprise software from small companies to large banks. In 2019, the CRM technologies market was 56.6 billion dollars, with 16 percent year-over-year growth. Further, with gained momentum and strength, the CRM market will grow beyond 103 billion dollars by 2023.

Do you want to implement CRM in 2022? If yes,

This article is for you. Follow these best practices for CRM implementation in 2022-    

Firstly, why are companies investing in CRM implementation? 

Vast amounts of data without actionable, accessible, and reliable insights are useless for any business. CRM implementation can help your business translate data streams from various sources into actionable insights besides managing and monitoring external interactions and relationships seamlessly within a single dashboard. For any business, the customer is the priority, and the sudden outburst of the pandemic left companies no choice but to enforce customer-centric strategies and adapt AI-powered cloud-based Salesforce CRM to future-proof their business through customer retention using data-driven, hyper-personalized interactions besides getting valuable insights from the data.   

Our experts suggest businesses consider these best CRM implementation practices in 2022 to follow before and after CRM implementation:


Get a clear understanding of the required CRM functionalities based on your business's macro targets and needs.

Communicate with your teams if you require Salesforce integration and implementation services for your business. Then proceed with thorough research for choosing the right Salesforce implementation partner.    

  • Requirement analysis: 

Before investing in Salesforce CRM:
  • Analyze and brainstorm with your teams if the Salesforce integration can add value to your business or not from the CRM launch date to 1st year and the next five years of your business.
  • Plan budgets, maintenance costs, and timelines for change management after CRM implementation.
  • Set realistic goals.  
  • Data integration and migration: 

    The Data migration process is error-prone as it may take weeks or months to migrate data from the legacy system to Salesforce CRM. So, it is always better to consult a Certified Salesforce Consultant to help you with Salesforce CRM implementation without data loss and modification.

    CRM consulting:

    CRM consulting:  Clearly explain your business requirements and objectives with Salesforce consultation and implementation partner. Their guidance, expertise, and support are critical to streamlining your business processes. So, choose the partner wisely and make sure that the Salesforce consultant company has a  

    1. Project Manager- to lead your project from planning to execution 
    2. System Developer- to execute the installations 
    3. Data Analyst- to migrate data to Salesforce CRM without errors 
    4. QA Engineer- to test the system after execution  
    5. Other certified Salesforce experts. 

    A good Salesforce Consultant company always trains the users after implementing CRM, supports, and guides your teams to use CRM efficiently.

    Advantages of Salesforce CRM: 

  • Automation of data entries and centralization of databases across your business 
  • Easy to manage customer data and monitor hyper-personalized interactions with customers on all the digital platforms 
  • Improved collaboration among teams, user engagements, and Customer Xperience (CX) 
  • Gain valuable insights from customer data 
  • Salesforce CRM is cost-effective and easily scalable  
  • And much more
  • Salesforce CRM implementation requires time, costs, and effort. So, share your requirements and expectations clearly with the implementation partner. It is wise to choose a Premiere Salesforce Implementation Partner like Dextara to get 24x7 support during and after CRM implementation. Please book an appointment to discuss with our experts at


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