Enhanced features of Spring'22 Release exclusive for Salesforce developers

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Besides understanding and adapting to the new features, we have already marked the Salesforce Release Dates. In our previous blogs, we discussed exclusive features for administrators and across different clouds in Spring’22 Release.

In this blog, we want to take you through some of the outstanding features for developers in Salesforce Spring’22 Release for better understanding, usability, and adaptability. 

So, let’s begin!

Build Web applications swiftly on Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) with enhanced Lightning Web security:

Now, you can create highly secure, standard single-page apps, Lightning Web Components (LWC), using Lightning Web Runtime in preferred code and tools. Therefore, you can generate pages with high performance in less build time with enhanced features of LWR.

Your custom Lightning Web Components (LWC) are more secure with Lightning Web Components (LWC) as its architecture is more functionable, with fewer limitations and strong sandboxing since the beta release. The production orgs with custom LWC are expected to update from February 2022.

Reduce the time and effort in rewriting the complex UI Automation Tests:

With UI Test Automation Model (UTAM), you can do UI testing without changing web app components on modifications in the DOM of the pages as UTAM inserts test logic to JSON page objects. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to handle the modifications and update the page objects instead of rewriting the entire test code for the complicated UI automation test. By doing so, you can save time and effort for UI testing.

Bind Data to components more quickly in Experience Bundle:

Metadata is now exposed in Experience Bundle, making it easier to move component-level data providers among multiple orgs. For instance, you can move component-level data providers between sandbox and production org or any Salesforce orgs. Previously, the components of LWR sites supported the data binding data from Salesforce CMS (Content Management System). But with the latest enhancements in Spring’22, the Experience Bundle can support the Component-level data providers for binding data to the components of the LWR site more quickly, making data more agile, besides making metadata visible.

Create localized component labels using Custom labels on LWR sites:

You can now specify labels on Experience Builder for defining a label value using {! Label.namespace.name} expression in any component with text input fields like button, Rich Content Editor, Text block, HTML editor. 

Use upgraded features to customize data table:

Now you can enhance user interaction with customizable data tables and programmatically change a focused field to editable mode using external elements like buttons. You will find a lock icon on the fields if it is a non-editable field. You can use an icon instead of a column label as a column header and give a unique ID to the column for enabling field name in multiple columns.

Other noteworthy features:

  • Using Flow Trigger Explorer, you can view all your Record-Triggered flows related to an object and records when created, deleted, or updated.
  • Now you can create record collection-based choices in a flow without querying multiple times and avoiding duplication of the outputs of getting Records elements, components, or action.
  • With updated features, you can set the Run Order of the Record Triggered flows in both before save and after saving flows in order of 1 to 2000 for the same object.
  • Now we can convert Workflow Rules (containing Field-based criteria, email alerts, field updates, outbound messages, time-dependent workflow actions, rule criteria when set to true) to Flows using Migrate to Flow tool.
  • And much more
  • Spring’22 Release is full of enhancements for developers, administrators and businesses to make the best use of Salesforce platforms. We’ve discussed helpful Spring’22 release topics so far and do check if you’ve not read them. Keep reading our blogs for more news and insights related to the most trending topics. 

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