Enhanced features exclusively for admins in the Salesforce Spring'22 Release

Enhanced features of Spring'22 Release exclusive for Salesforce developers

The Release notes are out, and we are getting familiar with new features, look and feel, learning new things at the beginning of this new year. As the Sandbox is already provisioned on January 7th, it is an excellent time to go through the release updates under setup. Review and activate all the review updates to enhance org performance, usability, adaptability, security, and business logic. It is wise to check updates that require your action and the archived updates. 

By January 31st, you will avail #LearMOAR page for admins with new trial mixes. On February 4th, you may join admin Evangelists and other experts to know more about enhanced and impactful features for administrators in Spring'22 Release. 

In our previous blog, we discussed the enhanced features of the Salesforce Spring'22 Release. In this blog, let's look at what exclusive features are available for administrators in the release notes. 

Multifactor Authentication:

From February 2022 onwards, all the users will access Salesforce products only with Multifactor Authentication (MFA). This feature can improve account security and prevent phishing attacks, account takeover to access your Salesforce org. 

More robust protection for PII (Personally Identifiable Information):

Now hide personal information setting got replaced by PII management to secure user record fields in custom, standard fields. Therefore, you can prevent external users like portal and community users from accessing the other users' private info with upgraded Personal Information Management features. 

Improved User Experience (beta):

You can now manage, search, and filter users to assign permission sets and set group arrangements. You can also use Lightning list views to manage the expiration dates of these permissions.

Standardize Domain Formats:

With a single domain for all places, you can use one domain format to enhance user experience and URLs in custom code and API. The improved domains do not support new plugins due to enforced data restrictions to Access permission sets. It is crucial to enable enhanced domains on our My Domain of Salesforce org to comply with upgraded browser and security standards.

Get a quick overview of reports and their types:

Using the improved report type (beta) selector, you can quickly access the recently created report types (both custom and standard), previously viewed fields and objects, and hide the unused reports. Now we can use the list view to check for the reports used, created along with the type of the report.

Modify editable fields in the Report run page:

Now, you can find editable (with the pencil icon) and non-editable (with lock icon) fields in report run pages. Using this feature, you can do inline editing for multiple fields in report run pages if required. 

Other features:

  • You can save time and storage by linking images or gifs directly for in-app guidance.
  • Use Salesforce scheduler to update about operational hours and holidays, and others.
  • Using pipeline inspection, your sales teams can track ongoing and upcoming deals, insights related to deal progress, and edit opportunity fields when required.
  • With improved lead form management, your site can handle 12000 forms per minute efficiently.
  • You can get Quip engagement metrics, add new data to live Salesforce documents and send email reminders to connect Quip to Salesforce with improved features.
  • On sharing knowledge articles irrespective of the version number, the user can avail the most updated one even if you update the article parallelly if required.
  • Admins with view setup, configure and customize app permissions can begin new console sessions without the need to load workspaces from previous sessions.
  • and much more
  • This Spring'22 Release has brought more enhanced features for admins. Between January 14th and February 11th, check the maintenance calendar when your Salesforce instance (NA__, EMEA__) gets updated with Spring'22 Release. Try to attend on-demand live sessions of Salesforce between February 4th to 11th to know about different features from product managers, experts, and others. Stay tuned for our next blog related to the Spring'22 release.


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