5 ways Salesforce revenue cloud accelerates overall B2B buying experience and revenue

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

It is obvious from the new data that B2B sales must evolve to succeed in the digital age. The last two years influenced B2B buyers and sellers to prefer relying on digital channels.

As per the latest statistics, 73.9% of B2B sales opportunities have decreased during the lockdown and 65.2% of salespeople have lost deals so far.

Any business that intends to boost revenue and improve sales enablement must give customers a seamless purchasing experience. We can address such key concerns for businesses by implementing Salesforce Revenue Cloud.

The five keyways Salesforce Revenue Cloud expedites the entire B2B purchasing process are discussed in this blog-

5 Ways Salesforce revenue cloud drive B2B buying experience

  • Transforms the overall purchase experience
  • Salesforce revenue cloud powers seamless B2B purchase experiences by allowing businesses to connect across various sales channels such as digital storefronts, direct sales or channel partners. It is fueled by a flexible CPQ solution that authorizes customers to update specific configurations of products or services based on prerequisites and customize pricing to digital carts for a self-serve experience.

  • Simplify representatives' jobs using better sales strategies
  • While examining the clients' billing information, payment cycles, available subscriptions, on-time payments, etc., sales professionals typically deal with several problems and confusion. A comprehensive view that includes a list of all prior invoices and subscriptions is available through the Salesforce revenue cloud. This tells businesses to enable preference-based discounts which can foster great trust between sellers and customers.

  • Import new revenue streams from other clouds
  • Setting up a new revenue stream such as subscription or resource utilization-based pricing can be time-consuming and slow, adding layers of complexity to existing systems. With new revenue cloud features like Multi-Cloud Billing combined with a unified product catalog, businesses can effortlessly import new revenue streams on a single platform without constructing each element individually.

  • Boost revenue efficiency
  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud boosts revenue efficiency by automating the entire process. Automation ensures real-time tracking from time to time against the most precious KPIs I.e., net revenue holding, customer lifetime value, and monthly repeating revenue that helps the team align and make the most critical decisions on what type of customers to target and where to ensure price variations.

  • Enhanced data visibility and powerful extensions
  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud ensures that all CPQ, billing cycle, management, and delivery-related information is completely accessible to the members of the sales team by providing quick access to data. In Addition to the data visibility, it has several built-in AppExchange extensions. As a result, there will be a far greater impact on the bottom line.

    Salesforce Revenue Cloud is your true partner, no matter how complicated your revenue process is or how difficult it is for you to offer a smooth customer experience! Additional hybrid possibilities would provide companies the flexibility to browse product catalogs online and get quotations from salespeople irrespective of their location.

    Leverage Dextara’s on-demand Salesforce Revenue Cloud services and promise your customers a personalized B2B buying experience.

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