Salesforce spring'22- More new features and roadmap for 2022

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This Spring'22 Release has more innovative features to make our lives easier for businesses. What else do we need when we have new products available, and Spring'22 release preview being live, new updated features accessible, Salesforce recent acquisition, Slack with enhancements, and more.

Here's what you can expect!

1. Revenue Intelligence analytics: 

Now you can get AI-driven Einstein and Tableau insights and analytics directly into the flow of work. Further, revenue intelligence leads the leaders to get actionable intelligence insights and analytics, feedback, and suggestions across all customers' touchpoints. This feature enables you and the leaders to closely follow up the customer journey, from closing deals to setting the forecasts and building pipelines. You can avail yourself of this feature as an add-on purchase with Sales Cloud Unlimited Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Performance Edition.

2. Hangout with peers on Slack Huddles:

With the acquisition of Slack in December by Salesforce, we can expect the upgraded version of slack in this Spring'22 release. Hence, we have Slack Huddles for hustlers like us to collaborate with peers virtually. This updated version of Slack huddles is an audio-first way to interact with customers, peers, partners, and leads in real-time. This feature is the best way to reduce video call fatigue and a great way to start conversations instantly, as we do in the workspace. 

3. Unify Multi-user processes and workflows: 

The internal and external users can now optimize the workflows and multi-user processes using the orchestrator feature. This enhancement is vital for automating the multi-user process and can make it easier to monitor multi-step workflows with no or low code. Furthermore, all the users can automate and optimize the complex business processes where multiple users get involved. It is absolutely a great feature we get from Spring'22 Release. 

4. Create business policies and rules with clicks 

With drag and drop functionality and a no-code interface, you and your teams or users can build, test, and execute the business rules with Business Rules Engine. This feature can ease the entire business automation process and involve and empower everyone to use this powerful tool to create policies in less time and no code efficiently. 

These are some outstanding features we got from Salesforce Spring'22 Release. We have posted several blogs related to the Spring'22 release. We recommend going through these blogs to get more information and adapt to these updates. Our experts can help you if you are looking for guidance and assistance for Salesforce implementation and consulting. Feel free to reach us at  


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